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Yogasanas for a beautiful fat-free stomach.

Reducing belly fat is a very difficult task. For this, in addition to regular exercise, special care should be taken about healthy eating. Yoga proves to be very beneficial for reducing the fat stored in the stomach. Today we are going to tell you about some of these Yogasanas which will definitely help in dissolving your belly fat. In addition to regular exercise, healthy eating also requires special care to dissolve belly fat. Yoga can be very beneficial for reducing belly fat.


Sarvangasana, considered medicine for all ailments, provides exercise to all organs of the body. First, lie on your back and stretch your legs out. Let your hands be next to the thighs. Remember that in this case, the palm should be upward. Then slowly lift both legs up. First, stand for 10 seconds at an angle of 30 degrees from the ground, then 10 seconds at a 60-degree angle, then stand for 10 seconds at a 90-degree angle. Once the legs are held at a 90-degree angle, lift the hips and straighten the legs. Try to stay in the same posture for one to five minutes, without shaking the body in the final position. Let your breath be normal in this case. Doing this seat reduces belly fat and balances digestive, blood circulation, lymphatic, endocrine, and nervous systems. As well as increasing the power of memory.


Doing Dhanurasana benefits the chest, lungs, stomach, and heart. It not only improves the functioning of the reproductive system but also eliminates menstrual problems in women. Dhanurasana strengthens the back, leg, and thigh muscles. It can also help alleviate many stomach problems.


A triangle is a triangle-like seat. To do the triangulation, stand 2 to 3 feet between your legs and stand up straight. Bend the right leg to the right. Turn the right foot to the right and the left foot to the inside. Then take a deep breath and lift both hands to shoulder distance. Then slowly breathe in and gently hold your right thumb with your right hip, with your right hip. Try to do both sides this way. Selling triangles can dissolve fat stored in different parts of the body. It strengthens the muscles of the legs and thighs and helps to dissolve fat around the waist. This asana relieves pain and cramps in the back, neck, and entire body. One of the great benefits of this yoga is that it can be practiced at any time.

The Seated Forward Bend.

It is also known as paschimottanasana where a person should sit with her legs stretched out in front of her and then lift her arms up and inhale. It follows the pattern of breathing, where the hands are pin-straight to the feet with the upper body and the palms held up on the legs. This is a great way to get some belly exercise that you really need to burn extra fat in your body. This asana is a great relaxation technique and also tones and strengthens your entire body.


Ustrasana or camel posture is great for reducing belly fat and giving muscles strength. It can tone your abdominal area, thighs, and arms to improve flexibility. It is an advanced and excellent yoga to reduce belly fat. Kneel on your knees and then bend your torso arched back toward the heel and his arms go back to support the weight of his body on the back of your foot. It strengthens your abdominal muscles, which is necessary to reduce belly fat. This asana strengthens your spine, and over time, your spine becomes stronger and softer.

Cobra Pose.

Cobra pose is another effective Asanas to reduce belly fat. It is especially helpful for women in shedding their post-partum weight. This stretching exercise is easy to perform for even beginners and is the best Yoga to reduce belly fat in 15 days. This asana is known for reducing belly fat and also toning the muscles on your back.


The body usually stores fat in most areas, which varies from one person to another. For some purposes, it is the stomach. For other people, it’s the thighs, hips, or shoulders. The growth of abdominal fat is very stubborn and usually difficult to exclude. Designated weight reduction on tangible body parts is a legend, although some activities can help trip up your trouble spots and make it a huge shape to cover fat stores. There is no doubt that yoga offers a number of activities that can help soothe your stomach and reduce body fat, while also ensuring stress and working on your digestion. Keep in mind, without a healthy diet, can not guarantee weight loss along with yogasanas.


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