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Why our ancestors were sitting on the floor while eating.?

by admin

Sitting on the floor while eating is a part of our Culture. Sitting on the chair or table and eating with a knife is not a part of our culture. This traditional practice of eating has immense health benefits. During those old ages, there were no dining tables, everyone in the family sat on the floor while eating. According to the experts, sitting on the floor cross-legged while eating as practiced in India, its yogic postures called”sukhasana” it is said that is good for abdominal muscles, boost circulation in the lower part of our body. Moreover, our ancient shastras recommended eating with hands is healthy. In this era, people have been forgetting about the benefits of sitting on the floor and eating but we should realize there are scientific reasons behind this traditional practice of sitting on the floor to take food.



While we sitting in sukhasana postures it helps the blood flow to the stomach, this leads to better digestion. When we sit while eating, we bend forward and backward to eat, this back and forth movement promotes our abdominal muscles, increases secretion of stomach acids, and helpful for better digestion.


Sitting in the cross-legged position or posture is good for the body’s flexibility, stability and strengthen our lower body. Eating while sitting in sukhasana which helps to build fitness. Our muscles in the lower back – pelvis and around the stomach stretch reducing pain. If we do it regularly these muscles help our flexibility and fit and it also reduces the excessive strain on muscles and joints.


Sitting down and eating is an old tradition of so many Indian families. Scientifically it has proved to be the best and right way of eating. The sukhasana posture makes a lower body that relaxes our mind and soul. It also keeps our brain to prepare the body for digestion. The sukhasana postures keep the mind calm and pressure on the lower spine which makes relaxation and also breathing slow down, tension releases, blood pressure becomes less.


Sitting cross-legged while eating improves the blood circulation to all the organs of our body. The circulation of blood to the legs and extra blood flows to all organs in the abdomen. Moreover, it is easier for the heart to pump blood and circulates it to other parts of the human body. In fact, good blood circulation is an important element in healthy digestion and good health. The heart receives proper blood circulation.


When we sit in sukhasana or cross-legged our mind and body are at rest, it enables us not to eat much. therefore it prevents us to take excessive food. When we sit on the floor the nerves of the brain function well., it doesn’t allow us to take excessive food. So it helps to reduce fat from the body. And also when we do movements to the body it reduces extra fat around the stomach.


One of the important elements of the human body is sound blood circulation. The human heart works hard to help the digestive system. When we sit on the floor to have food our heart gets the benefits of circulation, blood easily pumped through the heart to the other parts of digestion. Therefore sitting on the floor and eating helps have a healthy heart.


While doing meditation or pranayama or Yogasanas we sit on the floor, not on a chair. Because when we sit on the floor our connections to the ground and to the roots will develop. It will be easier to connect ourselves with spirituality. We become more humble with other people. We can feel peace and calmness inside us.


Sitting on the floor and having food is most beautiful and enjoyable. Almost all in the Indian family members sitting together to eat. This ritual exactly develops the bonding between the family members. More importantly, the sukhasana postures relax the body and mind of family members at a time. Totally it’s a beautiful moment with the family.


Whatever it maybe it’s a beautiful part of our culture, sits on the floor and folds legs and dine on a banana leaf. According to Ayurveda when we sit on the floor and eat with hands the five fingers together form a mudra that activates the sensory organs. While our ancestors were not so educated, it is true that the practices they professed have meaningful health benefits.

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Tasneem S October 23, 2020 - 4:45 pm

Well written

SanjuKumar Pujari October 26, 2020 - 3:24 am

“Last Words” small but powerful content.

Arvind Jadhav October 27, 2020 - 9:53 am

Good. But it is adaptable and anybody can carry on with the seating . One does not have to be Hindu or Ayurvedic to sit down and eat. It us historic and it is adapted & practised by all human life. It is way of living & to its convenience. Even by practising this, lots of Indians have all sorts if diseases. Nothing Cultural!!!@@@.

20bet September 4, 2023 - 7:57 pm

Your article gave me a lot of inspiration, I hope you can explain your point of view in more detail, because I have some doubts, thank you.


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