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Why do Indian women wear jewelry? And what is the importance of jewelry in Indian culture?

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Jewelry has been an integral part of Indian women’s lives since the dawn of civilization

Jewelry is an integral part of the lives of Indians and Indian women. Its importance in the life of an Indian woman can be gathered from the number of ornaments she receives on various auspicious events in her life. An Indian woman wears jewelry to make herself look beautiful. Also, apart from enhancing the attractiveness of Indian women, Indian jewelry can be considered an item of financial security in times of economic crisis due to its value. To enhance their beauty, women wear jewelry made of precious metals and stones like gold, diamond, platinum, and silver. A special fact is that the history of traditional Indian jewelry is as old as Indian history itself. The word ornament comes from the Latin word “locale” which means plaything. About 5000-7000 years ago during the Ramayana and Mahabharata, there were jewels and thus the passionate art of beautifying oneself was in vogue. Traces of beaded ornaments are continuously planted throughout the Indus Valley Civilization period up to 1500 BC. Beads and shells do not last long and metals are often used to make jewelry which was recently discovered by the Indus Valley region. India had large reserves of precious metals and gems; It had import business with other nations. India was the first country to mine diamonds. The Mughals ruled India in the 16th century. He brought his knowledge and art of jewelry making to a flourishing cultural India.

Jewelry has been an integral part of Indian women’s lives since the dawn of civilization. It cannot be forgotten that even in the days of kings and queens, kings and other royal men had an attachment to jewelry. But as we moved towards modernization, the popularity of jewelry among men declined, while women continued the culture of adopting jewelry as part of their beauty.


The importance of jewellery in the Indian culture

Since ancient times, jewelry has always been considered a symbol of wealth and power. But especially for Indian women, jewelry is considered a sign of respect. Moreover, jewelry gives us an elite status because of our traditions and culture. Gold, silver, diamond, copper any kind of jewelry is an important part of devotion among Indian women. Some use jewelry as part of their tradition and culture. Jewelry plays a symbolic role. They have ethnic and spiritual meanings, especially during marriage.


Every married woman always wears many types of earrings, because, for a married woman, earrings are considered auspicious. Earrings come in different styles and designs. On different occasions like weddings, general social gatherings, and parties, women wear different types of earrings. Earrings are one of the most attractive gems worn by men and women in India. The practice of piercing the ears is thought to allow the inner ears to open to receive sacred sounds. Ear piercing is a famous Hindu practice known as Karnaveda. There are different types of earrings including danglers, kundan earrings, jhumkas, polka earrings, and handballs. Most Indian cultural earrings are made in countless forms, from gold and silver to solid zirconia, crystals and other materials, which undoubtedly give the wearer unparalleled charm.


Since ancient times, women have worn ornate necklaces, strings of beads, pendants, and necklaces to ward off bad luck and attract good fortune. Necklaces also signify safety and success. After marriage, women wear a necklace of black beads called Mangala Sutra, according to which the husband and wife will always be soul mates. Different types of necklaces include chokers, rani-haar, Kundan necklaces, beaded necklaces, etc. They are mostly made of gold, silver, heavy brass, solid zirconia, and many other materials. It is worn close to the heart and is believed to control emotions and strengthen one’s love. Wearing a stone necklace is believed to bind us using their enduring power. The necklace can be considered a protective ornament against evil spirits. It adds a wonderful appearance to the charms of some women but acts as a strong deterrent against the influence of evil charms on virtuous maidens. Since ancient times, it has been worn to bring good luck.
In fact among all types of jewellery, necklaces have the maximum number of magical properties. In some cases, they were designed as amulets or charms to ensure good health or wealth to the wearer.


The bangles seem to fill you with all the melodious sounds it produces! Wearing bangles is easy for any girl rich or poor as it is offered in all metals from precious glass bangles. The attractive designs available in the bangles make it even more magnificent and a woman’s beauty is considered incomplete without wearing it. Apart from being a significant adornment worn by a married woman, it has enormous amorous and romantic connotations. The sound of bangles expresses her presence and desire for attention. Scientifically, it has been proven to increase a woman’s blood flow levels and flow energy through her outer epidermis. This is possible because of the adorable tinkling sound. For married women, wrists like bangles are important adornments. Bangles are a traditional symbol of marriage, but they have a unique place in the current fashion world. Ladies can be seen wearing bangles in many styles like brass bangles, diamond bangles, gold bangles, and many more, adding more elegance to their look.

Nose Pin

One of the most attractive items of Indian heritage jewelry is the nose ring. It is a defining element of traditional bridal jewelry. Since the nerves from the left nostril are connected to the female reproductive organs, most Hindu women in India wear nose rings in the left nostril. Therefore, they believe that piercing the nose in this way facilitates birth. Additionally, according to Ayurveda, piercing the nose near a particular node on the nostril is said to reduce menstrual pain in women. They believe that piercing their nose will help a woman recover from a long-term trauma or illness. They usually come in a variety of designs and are made of heavy brass or gold material. They are a stunning addition to any style collection. A nosegay known as nath by Indian women is a very seductive ornament without which a married woman’s makeup is considered incomplete. It is an integral part of traditional bridal jewelry keeping in mind traditional and scientific values. Scientifically, it is believed that women with pierced nose experience less pain during childbirth. It is directly connected with the health of female reproductive organs. According to one theory, the nose is connected to a woman’s emotional, romantic, and sexual allusions. Prevents a woman from being hypnotized due to its power to control brain wavelengths. Ladies with nose pins are emotionally solid. Women with nose pins are characterized as having difficulty casting or hypnotizing.

Toe Rings

The most unique scientific reason behind wearing toe rings is that it makes the menstrual cycle more regular. This is a common problem faced by girls. Nerves in the feet connect to the uterus and travel through the heart. When women and girls do their chores while wearing these toe rings, the friction generated helps in rejuvenating the reproductive tissues. Since they are usually made of silver, it absorbs energy from the ground and transmits energy to it, refreshing the girl’s entire body.


Traditionally, the groom ties the knot to the bride during the wedding. It is worn by a married woman who represents the feelings of love and devotion between a married couple. After marriage, women wear a necklace of black beads, known as the mangal sutra, which symbolizes that the husband and wife are soul mates forever. The main purposes of women wearing jewelry are to absorb positive energy and to ward off suffering from negative energies. It is believed that very emotional women should wear oversized jewelry as it activates their royal nature and awakens their warrior spirit.


A woman is a mine of beauty. Jewelery enhances her beauty. Jewelery has been a significant adornment for Indian women since ancient times. It is nice to know that adorning Indian women with jewelry is not just a traditional tradition, but mainly every piece of jewelry worn by women carries a lot of value with it and a lot of scientific significance behind them. How beautiful is our culture! We are blessed to be born here.

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