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” Using Brahmi, grow lush hair.”

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Today ‘ s stressful work, air pollution, eating habits are all the results of hair loss and bald head problems in men and women. This is the most common. Hair loses due to many reasons like stress, nutritional imbalance, rapid weight loss, hormonal imbalance, pollution, etc. A man or woman is beautiful in every way and can not look beautiful without hair. Our Ayurvedic scholars have long ago discovered the benefits of many herbs in Nature. One of these leaves, “Brahmi”

leaves Hair fall
Healthy concept. Woman show her brush with long loss hair and looking at her hair.

For more than 3000 years Indian Ayurveda has been using these natural herbs and still, it continues. Nature has gifted innumerable herbs to us. One such unique herb is Brahmi. It is also regarded as a “brain booster.” It grows naturally in the wet type of soil. For long days the whole plant including the flowers are being used for medicinal purposes. Ayurveda experts say,” Brahmi is excellent for improving your brain functioning and strengthening your memory.” More importantly, it is helpful to grow more hairs and control hair fall without side effects.

How Brahmi is helpful to hair growth?

Brahmi helps hair growth. It nourishes the scalp improving the hair growth both men and women. Because of its biochemical compounds, it treats baldness. Brahmi soothing the hair follicles. There is no doubt at all Brahmi making hair longer and thicker. It reduces the dandruff problem, dryness problem, split ends, and flakes if we use regularly. Brahmi reduces the hair fall by strengthening the hair.

Every men and woman wish lustrous hair, is it?. so, Brahmi is a magic herb that can give protection and nourishment around hair follicles to keep our hair always healthy and silky.

Long hair

How to use Brahmi?

1. You could make a fine paste out of fresh Brahmi leaves and can apply it on your scalp. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash it later with water.

2. If you are using Brahmi powder that is available in Amazon, make a mixture of it with amla and henna powder with water and paste it. Apply this mixture to your scalp leave it on for 30 minutes and wash. Do it weekly once for the best result.

3. We can use Brahmi oil and apply the oil twice a week for the best result.


How to prepare Brahmi oil at home?

It’s so simple, take the washed and dried Brahmi leaves. Heat the coconut oil in a saucepan, when the oil becomes little heat pour the leaves to the oil. Let it be 3 – 4 minutes. Leave the oil for about an hour, later mash or crush the leaves, the oil is ready to use……


Why not enhance our beauty while using nature’s many valuable herbs for free?

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