The scientist who discovered Ebola, warns that another Virus could hit the world.!


The world has witnessed the outbreak of Ebola before. It was a serious and deadly virus transmitted by animals and humans. It first came to know in 1976 in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Lango. The virus was seen after the Ebola river. Scientists call it “filovirus”, it can cause hemorrhagic fever or profuse bleeding inside and outside the body. First, it was originated in African fruit bats and can transmit to other animals including humans. During that period the virus had infected people in African countries and became a global epidemic. More than 28.000 people were infected. Nearly 11.315 people’s death has reported due to this deadly virus. The world’s second-biggest Ebola outbreak is still raging. More importantly, we can not forget the obstacles we faced from Covid – 19 all across the world.


Till today we are battling the Covid – 19 pandemic for over a year. The common people all across the world, still yet to receive the vaccines to covid – 19 pandemic disease. Again it’s very sad and unfortunate that it’s very shocking to hear. According to the Newspaper reports, the scientists who discovered the Ebola virus has warned that the world could be hit by another fatal disease soon. The disease termed as ” Disease ‘x’, it expected as fast-spreading as covid 19 and as deadly as Ebola virus. Professor Jean-Jacques Muyembe Tamfum, who helped discover Ebola in 1976 claims that an unknown number of viruses, many of which could be way more fatal than the ongoing COVID-19 could emerge across the world, starting from Africa’s tropical rainforests. According to the scientist who discovered the Ebola virus humanity must beware since more deadly diseases are likely to be discovered in the future. He further said that the Disease ‘x’ is hypothetical, but could be deadly and might lead to another pandemic all around the world. The important factor to be noticed here that more of the diseases spread from animals to humans. The scientist said that diseases such as yellow fever, influenza, rabies, and covid – 19 came from animals to humans. So, the future pandemic supposed to be worse than covid-19. The World Health Organisation has said “disease x”, ‘x’ stands for unexpected is hypothetical for now.


In the past two decades, humans have faced many new viral infectious agents in emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. Many factors contribute to the appearance of emerging new diseases The factors contributing to the cause of such viral infectious diseases.


Today crores of people traveling a greater distance than before. This allows the virus to spread more rapidly. Over the massive increase in global traveling has accelerated the potential spread of infectious disease is increasing. When the human population expands in number, the possibility that humans will come into close contact with animal species that are potential hosts of an infectious agent increases.


Change in weather and climate can allow some animals and birds carrying viruses to different areas, where they could spread diseases to people. Changing the climate patterns including global warming affect the spread of infectious diseases. Experts say that climate change could also cause an increase in desert dust storms in Asia and African countries. These storms put dust into the atmosphere that could spread microbes all around..


Environment-related factors such as the depletion of the forest, expansion, modernization of agricultural practices, and natural disasters such as floods lead to changes in microbial. More exposure to chemicals and antimicrobial agents may lead to gene damage and the emergence of drug resistance pathogen variants that could ease the emergence of new diseases.


If biodiversity loses, the chances of spreading infectious diseases from animals to humans. Biodiversity has a great influence on the magnitude and impact of epidemics. Scientist says “Biodiversity and Humans are interconnected”, man is a part of this ecosystem. Any human adverse action alters the ecological balance and affects human health itself.


Many diseases have come from animals. Experts say that this is due to the destruction of animal habitats and the trade of wildlife. We are destroying the whole biodiversity. Biodiversity is on the verge of extinction so these kinds of problems arise. If we protect nature as a whole, there is no doubt that nature protects us. It is the responsibility of governments to protect civilians requires precautionary measures. The corona took a little break from the whole world. But it is time to correct man’s mistakes.

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