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The rains have brought a series of problems – untimely rains.

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In recent years many parts of India, and across the world, have been experiencing abnormal weather events such as extreme rainfall, extreme winters, and extreme summer heat. During March and April, many states in India are experiencing unseasonal and abnormal rainfall. Unfortunately, heavy rainfall during harvest or post-harvest stage is extremely damaging to crops and farmers’ lives. Untimely rains in March cause damage to crops like wheat, mustard, and pulses, as well as vegetables. In recent years, India has been experiencing unpredictable rainfall, especially in the northern and western regions. Abrupt climate change is responsible for the Western Disturbance, a weather phenomenon that occurs every year. Experts believe this is the reason for the unusual weather patterns in May. A Western Disturbance is a low-pressure area that forms over the Mediterranean Sea and moves eastwards towards the Indian subcontinent. It is known to bring heavy rains and snowfall in the northern regions of India, especially during the winter months. Western Disturbance, anticyclonic activity in South India has led to changes in weather patterns. Anticyclones are areas of high pressure that rotate clockwise, producing dry and sunny conditions. However, in this case, the anti-cyclonic activity in South India has created unsettled weather, leading to rains in other parts of the country.

While the impact of climate change is manifesting in extreme weather events with growing frequency, recent unseasonal rains are not attributable to climate change, with heavy rains increasing but the frequency of light-moderate rains declining due to man-made climate change. On the other hand, Mohapatra highlighted that the overall number of cyclones is decreasing, but the incidence of severe cyclones is increasing. There are conditions of global warming. This rise has been quite significant since the 1970s, which has been attributed to climate change. Due to climate changes, temperatures are rising and so are the conditions of heat waves.

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There is an upward trend in temperature. As a result, some extreme weather events such as heat waves, thunderstorms, and lightning are increasing. The frequency of heavy rainfall is also increasing, while the frequency of light and moderate rainfall is decreasing. Because of that, the total number of storms is also declining, while the number of intense storms is increasing. Rainfall is increasing in some regions and decreasing in other parts of the country. Heavy rains are increasing in frequency in Central and South India. As a result, changes in daily life occur due to the climate system.

What is the Impact of Unseasonal Rains?

Unseasonal rainfall can have a significant impact on various sectors of the economy, especially the agricultural sector, which is highly dependent on weather patterns. Reports say that 13,000 crores of revenue may have been lost due to untimely rains. Crop loss due to untimely rains can lead to an increase in the prices of basic commodities, which in turn affects consumer goods i.e. prices of goods may increase. The construction sector will also be affected as untimely rains may disrupt construction activities and lead to a rise in prices of raw materials such as cement and steel. The social impact of untimely rains is significant, especially on vulnerable sections of society like small farmers, daily wage laborers, and migrant workers. These groups are already struggling to make ends meet and crop failure due to untimely rains could further impoverish them. Experts think that this untimely rain will cause a huge blow to income. State governments will have to pay huge sums as compensation, hurting their financial situation and resulting in food shortages which could lead to food inflation. Abrupt climate change affects our health and well-being. This not only worsens many existing diseases and conditions but also opens the door for new pests and pathogens to enter our environment. Climate change in the form of unseasonal rainfall affects air movement and quality thus promoting the growth of airborne allergens and pollutants, which can cause significant harm to human health. Another aspect of untimely rains is food contamination and damage to crops as a result of shortages. The people most affected and most vulnerable to diseases due to natural climate fluctuations are children, the elderly, and the sick population. As a result of unpredictable changes in temperature levels, even the backward class of our society will be severely affected. Climate change, from high heat during the day to heavy rain at night, can create conditions for disease outbreaks. Sadly, many kinds of effects are happening on human society including health.


We all know that trees bring rain but man is clearing trees faster than ever. Trees and forests increase the intensity of rainfall by releasing fungal spores, pollen, bacterial cells, and other particles into the atmosphere. Without the shade that forests provide, ground temperatures rise, drying out the soil and accelerating the desertification process. Trees pump so much moisture into the air that it changes the atmosphere, causing changes in wind patterns that bring in more moisture from the ocean. Deforestation of these rainforests to make way for agricultural land has been described as one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Man has spoiled the mechanism of nature, resulting in untimely rains and other natural problems. There are no problems when you are in harmony with nature, everyone should realize this. Can man survive without forests?

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