The contribution of birds to biodiversity is immense.


Birds are the most beautiful animal beings in Nature. We always feel happy to see the mesmerising birds surrounding us. Birds like peacock, parrot, dove, beautiful sparrows, and others always attract our hearts. Moreover, since the olden days, there is a strong relationship between birds and humans. It is the birds chirping everywhere that sounds musical and the whole Natural situation becomes mesmerising to our eyes and ears. Can you imagine a world without birds?. Birds play an essential role in the functioning of the ecosystem. Not only this, it the most beautiful nature of course birds inspires the artists, painters, poets, and nature-lovers.



Birds are so sensitive to habitat change, birds are so shrewd to the census in the environment. They always measure the health of the surrounding environment or environmental changes as soon as possible.  Scientists in Yanachaga National Park, Peru noticed behavioral changes in the birds and mammals at the park prior to an earthquake in 2011. Along with these during foraging birds perform the role through dispersing plant seeds. So these activities of birds increase the diversity of plants in particular areas. Expansion of forest is possible from birds. Birds are ecological pointer and it shows the amazing effect on both water and air pollution. Birds can be utilized as markers for the prairie, wetland, tropical jungle, and desert as well.


Most plant fruits are unable to develop without pollination taking place and many beautiful flower varieties would die out if not pollinated. Bees and insects are the most common pollinators, but bats and birds are known to do their share in this vital activity. We know bees and butterflies are the pollinators along with those some of the birds also play a big contribution in pollination. Birds are very important pollinators of wildflowers throughout the world. White-winged doves are important to saguaros as pollinators but they are also the main seed predators of saguaros. This is an interesting ecological balance. It is said that 5% of the plants humans use for food and medicines are pollinated by birds. In agriculture also birds beneficial through the regulation of pests. Birds decrease insect and increased the amount of salable crops.


Different bird species eat different insects, ticks, and other dead and injured tissues. Vultures reduce bacteria by ingesting corpses and thereby reducing diseases. Birds are also a driving force behind the conservation of forests, marshlands, meadows, and support humans who collect carbon while keeping the climate stable. Without birds, many ecosystems would not exist. This way the birds keep the environment clean.


Birds depending on foods like fruits and other seeds. The seeds of certain plants, including the nuts of some enormous trees, fill in as a food hotspot for flying creatures. Birds may thump seeds from stems, cones, and blossom heads as they eat. While this may not spread the seeds a long way from the parent plants, it can carry the seeds into contact with the dirt, where they can overwinter and sprout into another age of plants. when they travel, they take the seeds they have eaten with them. Since they travel thousands of kilometers they bring plants back to nature. Birds are capable of stimulating and producing productivity, support the functioning of an ecosystem. Seabirds cycling nutrients and helping to fertilize marine ecosystems such as coral reefs. Their droppings contain nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium. These are essential for plant growth.


Birds can help in the nutrient cycle. They move nutrients from one place to another. As a result islands with seabirds had plants that grow taller and faster. Birds are an intricate component of the ecosystem. Which we need for our survival. The Forest marine environment provides us food medicines and important raw materials. Birds keep the climate stable, oxygenated the air. So, birds play an important role in the effective functioning of these systems.


Birds add color to our eyes, birds sound rhythms to our souls. Watching birds bring complete happiness into our daily lives. The connection of birds is not only prehistoric but today. Birds are beautiful environmental art. Unfortunately, there are many birds that are endangered for many reasons, and human activity is a big cause of worldwide bird populations. Rapid changes in temperature and weather. Birds chirping in the morning can positively affect our well-being. The pleasant chirping sound calms the mind. Unfortunately, we don’t hear the birds chirping in the morning. Moreover, birds are important for ecological balance. God has created billions of species, each species having its own purpose. The purpose of the birds is high. The birds need to be rescued. We need to make an emotional connection with beautiful birds. Our daily life would not be beautiful without the beautiful forests and animals and birds.

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  1. Its true..loading a single bird is a disaster…birds deserve to be protected….they are ornament.Example in our country, tourists are tired of that big five and shifting to bird watching…I personally i love birds

  2. There is one particular bird called Lyre bird which can imitate 20 sounds of different species and camera shutter sound, car door locking sounds, wood cutter machine sound, car alarm sounds and many more.

    It just listens from absolute silence to any sound with apt attention and copies & reproduce the same sounds efficiently than any electronic devices.

    here is the link watch it once.

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