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Should you always be happy in life? Follow these formulas.

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Everyone on this earth wants to live a more meaningful and happy life ever. Happiness is a pretty important role in our lives, happiness plays an impact on the way we live our lives.

But what is happiness? The interpretation differs from one person to another. And the question arises, how do we get it? where do we get it? And how can we go about achieving it? Everything is available if we try. There is a simple formula for living a meaningful and happy life when we start our day with meaningful positive thinking.

There are so many other ways of getting success in their individual lives but at last, We want to feel good and satisfied about our lives at the end of each day. Happiness varies from person to person. What makes us happy varies from person to person. It’s not an easy thing to achieve it until and unless we don’t know how to find it and where to find it.


1. Think positive.

Positive thinking doesn’t mean that you ignore life’s less pleasant situations. Positive thinking means that you approach unpleasant things more positively and productively. Thinking about a good memory and goodness can also help to improve your pleasant mood. When you are feeling boring a little sad, take the time to relax and remember your past beautiful good memory it may enhance a good mood. Positive thinking often starts with self-talk. Self-talk is the endless stream of unspoken thoughts that run through your head. These automatic thoughts can be positive or negative.  If your thoughts are positive, you’re likely an optimist. For someone who practices positive thinking, a positive outlook enables you to cope better with stressful situations, which reduces the harmful health effects of stress on your body.

2.Act happily.

Being happy is now more important than ever. But with everything going on around you. Happiness is the emotion that drives the good times. It’s also the emotion that helps us survive hard times. Your facial expressions play an important role in setting your mood because the face is the index of the mind. Pretending to be happy in a day, the next day, the very next day. At last, it can be a trick and habit of your brain into believing you are happy.

3. Exercise.

Exercise is a great way to get the endorphins flowing and your mood improving. Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier, more relaxed, and less anxious. You may also feel better about your appearance and yourself when you exercise regularly, which can boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem. There are many other ways exercise makes us happier, it reduces the stress level, reduces feelings of loneliness, and helps people relieve a kind of sorrow. Exercise increases endorphins, but it also increases many more brain chemicals that make you feel happy, the expert says. When it comes to feeling happier and empowered in life, our confidence level also boosts up.

4.Respect yourself

Giving respect starts with yourself When you begin to respect yourself for who you are you’ll find that living a meaningful and happy life is much easier Once you’ve identified your strengths and weaknesses, ways are there and look for ways to improve yourself. It Starts with Self Respect. Respecting yourself means giving your worth and value as a human being. If you do not respect yourself, it will be more difficult for you to respect anyone else. Respect for yourself and other relationships booms well-being.

5.Do something nice.

We can achieve happiness from kindness. we feel utter happiness from kindness and showing compassion to others, it may put a smile on their face. When we do something nice, it’s important to simply be modest and humble about it. Happiness can also come from being compassionate and kind to one another. The scientists discovered the more people visited new and different locations, they felt happy that day and the next day. Trying new things and learning can have a positive impact on how happy we feel in a range of different ways. Doing nice things to others means showing compassion by doing good works results in Happiness.

6. Listen more talk less.

This is a wonderful lesson about happy life leading. If you’re willing to listen more, it shows respect, which in turn creates a better relationship between yourself and others. When you listen more to others and show them respect. Speaking and listening in a balanced way is imperative in our world. The noise of useless words that we throw to get the attention of others makes it difficult to understand each other. Ironically, the more we talk, the less we understand we can communicate, resulting in an unhappy ending. When you speak less, definitely we do more. It’s obvious. Our focus switches from talking to doing. While talking and expressing, your feelings are important.

7. Good relationships.

Good social connections make people so happier. Sweet relationships not only make people happy but they are also associated with better health and even longer life. Relationships are connected to some of our strongest emotions too. When they are positive we feel happiness, contentment, and calm. People that are more socially interconnected with family, friends, and society are proven to be happier as well as physically healthier and to live longer. People who are less socially linked, their mind doesn’t work well, don’t sleep as well, and the possibility of an increased risk for illness. Therefore positive relationships are good for not only our bodies but our minds.

8. Show gratitude.

Gratitude is associated with longer happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, brings good experiences, improves their health, deal with adversity, and builds strong relationships. When we offer gratitude to others we feel joy in ourselves. Of course, it’s a great human value Thankfulness may accessible to joy. Showing thankfulness can impact our happiness and enhance many aspects of our life. The happiest people find happiness in the things that they have, they won’t be sad in the things which they don’t have.

9. Selfcare.

Doing our work and caring for ourselves are meant to refuel and recharge us, in turn making us happier and healthier. self-care enhanced self-confidence (64%), increased productivity (67%), and happiness (71%). We only know what is good for us, nobody else. So it increases our emotional and physical stamina, improving our self-esteem, and building resilience. Always self-caring people eat well, sleep well, they exercise well. They involve in the works that bring all happiness all over the day.

10. Live in the present.

The great science to live happily is to live in the present”. PYTHAGORAS.

While we should learn from our past and make plans for our future, the present moment is important not the past , not the future.

When you stop worrying about the past or thinking too much about your future, you’ll be able to enjoy the present moment with the people who are here with you now, that’s the reality too. By living in the present we should appreciate and enjoy the beautiful things around us. we should live in present, it is an essential part of a happy and meaningful life.


The simple formula for living a happy life is just so simple not complex. One should have courage, and self-esteem and cultivate mindfulness by living in the present moment. Forget about the mistakes you done in the past, look at the present. Living a meaningful life with happiness takes little effort and patience, but it is possible for everyone. And if you follow the above simple formulas, you’ll start living a happier life now. As the proverb says” Life is short, make it sweet.”

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SanjuKumar Pujari March 17, 2023 - 5:56 pm

I personally feel more weightage on the line “Your facial expressions play an important role in setting your mood because the face is the index of the mind”.


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