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Pranayaama and its Types

by admin

Their are so many pranayaam techniques that our ancestors had given to the mankind. In this piece of writing i wish you share few beneficial and important pranayaama types which i practice and got beneficial.

1. Ujjayini pranayaama

Method – We must sit in sukhasana or any other meditative posture which we feel comfortable. Close the mouth make a exhaling and than inhaling. Continue inhaling till air is felt in the chest.Now exhale slowly and gradually. Later relax.

Benefits – Lowers the blood pressure, useful for diseases of ear,nose and throat.

2. Anuloma-Viloma pranayaama

Method – Very simple first we sit in comfortable posture, close the right nostril with thumb of the right hand inhale very deeply. close both the nostrils with the thumb and and hold the breath up to 2 min with the left nostril closed , open the right nostril and exhale slowly.

Benefits – Helps to control migraine, stress, tension, improve concentration, memory, strengthen heart and lungs.

3. Bhramari pranayaama

Method – Close our eyes for sometime. place the index finger on our ears. with remaining fingers we can close our eyes. Take a deep breath in and while exhaling make a loud humming high pitched sound like a Bee.

Benefits – Helps to control tensions, anger, anxiety, blood pressure.

4. Nadi- shodha pranayaama

Method –

First take full deep inhalation and slow exhalation. Use the right thumb to close right nostril and exhale from left nostril. Then keeping the left nostril closed inhale through right nostril.

Benefits – Balanced respiratory system, helps to control wheezing, sneezing, improve mental stability and clarity.

5. Sheetali pranayaama

Method – In this method of pranayaama first we need to take three or four inhales and exhales . Bring the tongue out and roll in tube shape. Inhale through the tube of the tongue. After inhale close the mouth. Slowly exhale through the nostrils so simple. Repeat it for 4 to 5 rounds.

Benefits – cools the body, controls blood pressure, helps for digestion, helps to calm in mind.

I always feel calm and balanced in mind because of the practice of the above pranayaama techniques. As i said earlier the inner calmness of women made us more beautiful and most beautiful.

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