Pranayaam – Knowing the Divinity….

Indian Hindu ancient Texts gives us a wonderful gifts. In our Indian culture every action is significant and at the end, the ultimate goal is to see the supreme Lord. There is no doubt that our lives would be beautiful if we adopted the knowledge that the ancient Texts told us.

“Pranayaama” occupies a very important place in Indian religion. Every people irrespective of men and women have been doing this ritual since long time.

what is pranayaam?

‘Prana’ is the basis of a man’s body. Without prana one can not live or we are equal to a dead body. So, prana is a ‘force’, its a ‘energy’ keeping it in balance and healthy. Pranayaam is one of the yoga on ‘prana’ or ‘breath’. Therefore its a yoga breathing exercises. Breathing exercises like inhaleand exhale are the core aspects of pranayaam yoga practice.


Pranayaam is not a present ritual. It has been developed by ancient sages of India 6000 years ago. For the first time’ Atharvaveda’ is the ancient vedic text states that prana is the fundamental basis of human life. Like that there are many references has shown, among that ‘ The Brihadaranyaka Upanishads’,’ The Maithrayaniya Upanishads’, ‘The Bhagavat Gita’ and ‘Patanjali’s yoga sutras’. These are all the Texts put a mirror pranayaam has existed very long before.


How to do pranayaam in simple way for daily benefit?

In a first level pranayaam means taking control of breath.

1.On the floor with a smooth mat we should sit in padmasana or siddasana or vajrasana position.

2.First method must be we should memorized our Guru’s

3.Then exhale should be expelled completely both the nasals.After exhaling the breath through the exhaust inside the entire abdominal muscles.

4.While exhaling the breath, feelings of sickness, sin and ignorance are out of breath. while inhaling we should consume the infinite power of creation.

5. While doing it we should be surrender by the bottom of heart to the supreme Lord. The neck, back and hips should be stright and legs should be fully ground.

6. Stomach and chest should be compressed. The mind must be as pure as crystal.

7. Breath as much as possible. Daily do this up to 10 to 15 minutes.


There are hundreds of different kinds of pranayaam but any method for the body wellness can be practiced.

Super benefits of it.!

The stress,anxiety,tension and few diseases are great obstacles in human life surprisingly breathing techniques give solutions for all these in certain level.

Remember, its not only a breathing practice but its a tool to understand ourselves means self realization Realizing our inner self .Am very happy to say its a path to aware the divinity in our body.

The constant practice of pranayaam leads us to immortality. Gives energy to mind and all glands of our body. Whatever it may be, but i believed strongly pranayaam does the job of knowing God or enlightenment.

In my next article i will describe, the described pranayaam types.

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