Air quality has become worse, beware of it.


Air pollution is one of the largest health and environmental problems in the world today. As science and technologies are developed air pollution is rising day by day in many metropolitan cities of the world’s countries. As the development has taken place in most of the urban cities of the countries, air pollution level also reaching its extreme. The quality of air worsens the risk of stroke, heart diseases, lung cancer, respiratory diseases also increases. Research has shown that increasing air pollution is not the only impact on human health but also animal beings as well. Very sad, air pollution is affecting the living planet more.” World health organization”, reports that air pollution kills an estimated seven million people worldwide every year. Its data also shows that 9 out of 10 people breathe the pollutant air. Delhi the national capital of India has become the room of pollutant air.



Power plants have producing sulfur dioxide from the combustion of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum for energy. Millions of vehicles vomit gasoline that burns far releasing energy, it is made up of hydrocarbons. Vehicles pollutants like carbon monoxide, organic compounds also cause pollutant air. Not only vehicles even airplanes are also polluting it. From all these vehicles harmful toxins are being released into the environment.


Farmers are using Ammonia for agriculture-related activities, it is a very hazardous gas. The use of insecticides, pesticides, fertilizers emits harmful chemicals into the air. Agricultural air pollution creates mainly in the form of ammonia (NH3), which enters the air as a gas from heavily fertilized fields and livestock waste. It blows in over cities, reacts with emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and sulfur (SO2). Using chemicals has reduced air quality. But whether promoting organic farming can reduce this problem. Also, the foods we eat will be chemical-free.


It is a land where waste particles are buried. Horribly, it generates Methane, it is a major greenhouse gas that flammable and dangerous even. Landfills and dumps buried over often become suburban home sites in later years. Landfills have a distinctive effect on air pollution, nature, land, and humans. The soil in the area may be saturated with chemicals or hazardous substances.


It is well known that manufacturing industries release a large amount of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, organic compounds, and other chemicals into the air especially in urban areas. Petroleum refineries also release hydrocarbons and other chemicals into the air. The factories’ air pollutants are greenhouse gases from the burning of fossil fuels. Factories contribute to water and land pollution by acidifying rain, chemical spills, and disposal of toxic waste. Most of the industries and factories located in urban areas, that’s why the air pollution level is also at its peak in urban areas.


In mining areas, the earth is extracted using large types of equipment, as a result, that dust, chemicals are releasing into the air. In this process a variety of metals absorbed and suspended in the air from the crushing of Mines. coal mines are mainly due to fugitive emissions of particulate matter and gases including methane, oxides of nitrogen,  Mining operations have generated a substantial quantity of airborne respirable dust, which has led to the development of respiratory diseases. Especially the people who are working in Mines.


In an open field burning the garbages is more harmful to the environment. Decaying these micro-organisms in the surrounding again releases methane gas, which is highly hazardous and may lead to death. Almost 80% of the EWaste generated from developed countries. Power generation emits greenhouse gases such as methane, nitrous acid, and carbon dioxide.


Air pollution is everywhere. There is no doubt that today air pollution is a global problem. Globally 93% of children breathe pollutant air as a result of 600,000 children die every year. The pollutant air can go inside the lungs and bloodstream leads to a heart attack. The smoke coming from the vehicles irritates eyes and throat and it damages lungs even. Air pollution can affect the body’s immune, nervous, reproductive functions. It contributes to 9% of death globally as per the report. If we exposed to more pollutant air we may experience wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, breathing difficulties and so many.

Along with human health, air pollution also damages the environment, it increases in earth’s heat in the atmosphere. So, greenhouse gases lead to warmer temperatures, results in climate change. As a result of climate change rising sea level, more hot weather, infectious diseases will increase. Acid rains contain nitric and sulfuric acids may possible, it damages wildlife and forest as well. The pollutants like nitrogen oxide cause fish kills, loss of plants, and animal diversity. Due to this, animal beings face birth problems, reproductive problems, and diseases. One problem creates a lot of problems and these are interconnected.


God has gifted us with beautiful Nature or environment for the betterment of human beings. Beautiful and clean air, water, forest, birds, mountains. Although Nature has gifted us with these precious things, we are either directly or indirectly destroying our surroundings. This is the most difficult situation we face. There is no better or healthier air in urban areas. It is regrettable that the situation of buying air in artificial oxygen centers. How the status of birds and animals may be! The rise of science and technology turned out to be fatal problems. But where there is a problem, there may be a solution. It is the responsibility of every government to find ways to prevent and reduce pollution … The situation is so serious that mankind will get into trouble if it is not taken seriously. “If we protect nature, there is no doubt that nature protects us.”

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