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OM speaks of the divine essence of the universe.

Om or Aum is the most sacred symbol or mantra in Hinduism, it is the ultimate, super-natural sound!. Om is the primordial sound from which all other sounds and creations emerge which signifies the Supreme Power. The word OM is an ancient Sanskrit letter first found in the Vedas, originating between 1500 – 1200 BC. A collection of Vedic Sanskrit hymns, they were sung in praise of the Divine in the Vedic period. In Sanskrit, it means the beginning and end of everything or absolute infinitely. Om is the only word which notifies the three main works of God that is creation, operation and destruction of the universe. This represents the three first forms of God, Brahma, Vishnu, and shiva. Om” sound and symbol are rich in meaning and depth, it is the sound of the universe. It represented the sound of divinity in all things in the past, present, and future. According to the Hindu ancient religious texts, ‘Om’ signifies the one Supreme Power which is in symphony with the governing principle of ‘ONENESS ‘, according to the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta, Om’ has been explained as the primordial sound from which all other sounds and creations have emerged. It has been referred to as the force behind all existence and creation in this universe as well as is the aim of all Vedas. Mandukya Upanishad, one of the most important of all Upanishads is centrally focused on ‘Om’ describing it as the imperishable word. Om is one of the most important spiritual symbols and is found throughout many ancient Hindu texts, prayers, and ceremonies. Both the Om symbol and the Om chant are frequently used around the world today. Om is the sound of the universe. In Hindu tradition, the OM meaning is the vibrational sound of the force behind all creation and manifests from Brahman, the absolute and ultimate reality. Our ancient rishis, Hindu sages, as they meditated and they realized the divine essence of the universe within this syllable OM. The symbol is one of peace, tranquillity, and unity and reminds people to slow down and breathe.

The perspective of Science.

NASA researchers cited a similar phenomenon in interstellar space in 2013 and 2012, called interstellar plasma music. Numerous researchers have found that ‘Om’ meditation improves the body’s physical function, increases sensitivity to sensory transmission, and stabilizes the mind. Hearing the word ‘Om’ helps the brain, balances emotions, and develops compassion.

The Power of Om

In Hindu tradition, the word OM is said to cover the whole universe. It is the first word of the beginning of time and it also includes the present and the future. In the chakra system, it is connected to the Ajna chakra, i.e. the third eye, which represents the knowledge of the self. During meditation, when we chant Om, we create a vibration within ourselves that is sympathetic with the world vibration and we begin to think universally. During meditation, the process of the mind moves between the voice and the opposite of silence. There is no thought. It is a state of trance, and the mind and intellect transcend as the person’s infinity merges with the infinite soul at the moment of realization. This is the moment when worldly affairs are lost by universal desire. This is the immeasurable power of Om. When you take a deep breath and chant, Om, it produces a very colorful effect, which relaxes your mind and body completely. Om chanting is the first step towards meditation. Sit in a peaceful place, close your eyes slowly, take a deep breath and recite Om, and relax your muscles completely. Keep your muscles free. You will feel the powerful effect of chanting Om.

Om in Hindu Daily Life

Om symbolizes the most profound concepts of Hinduism, which are used every day by most followers of Hinduism. Many Hindus begin their day OM bondage. The sacred symbol is often found in the head of the perfection of the letters. Moreover, the symbol of OM is enshrined in every Hindu temple. It is interesting to know that a newborn baby has been introduced to the world with this sacred symbol. After birth, the baby is ceremonially cleansed, and the holy syllable ohm is inscribed with honey on its tongue. OM blends into every aspect of Hindu life. Thus, from the time of his birth, the syllable Om was introduced into Hindu life, and it remains a symbol of piety throughout his life. Om is believed to be one of the most important words in the universe. The creation of this entire universe was considered the first sound emanated from the vibrations of cosmic forces. OM represents the Creator and when you chant ‘Om’ you will perceive the whole universe. OM also echoes through our bodies. When properly chanted, it gives your body plenty of positivity, calmness, and energy. Many Hindus, as an expression of spiritual perfection, wear the Om symbol as a pendant nowadays. This symbol is placed on the premises of every Hindu temple. It is interesting to note that a newly born baby is introduced to the world with this sacred symbol. Om chanting strengthens your mind and makes you more self-conscious. You should be able to assess the situation before you respond. When we chant OM, three sounds (Aa, Ooh & Mm) are produced very clearly through the mouth without moving tongue.  So, OM is the basic or the fundamental sound in existence.

OM helps you to connect with your true existence

When you chant Om, you are inviting yourself to a deeper level. In yoga, it is the practice of connecting to who you are. You can practice all the Yogasanas, but in the simple voice of Om, you are creating that connection, both verbally, physically, and figuratively with your inner being and the universe. Om chanting has a positive and calming effect on the brain and central nervous system. Om chanting brings you to the present moment and gives you the anchor to be careful. Om purifies the negative, replacing it with clear clarity and unity. It works almost like a detox. During meditation, when we chant Om, we create the vibration within us that is sympathetic to the vibrations of the world and we begin to think universally. OM’ is the mother vibration of the universe, which refers to the Atman and Brahman.

OM connects you with others.

When Om is recited in the classroom, the feeling of solidarity and community created through shared voices is incredibly powerful. We literally combine our energy with other people. When all OMS come together and form the ohm, you find your place in the universe and you begin to accept that the separation between individuals is an illusion. The ancient yoga tradition of chanting Om is to build a bridge between your practice and the practices of those who have been chanting for thousands of years. Om chanting purifies us and clarifies the five organs of action, the five organs of perception. It prepares the human to merge with the Supreme God.

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Chanting om and health benefits.

 There are multiple benefits from OM chanting. Om is said to be beneficial to the thyroid gland when chanting Om. Om chanting is believed to be really beneficial for the health of our stomachs. A lot of studies suggest that chanting OM relaxes the stomach. Om chanting is considered the best remedy for stomach pain. Om calms our minds; It helps us connect with our inner being. It will bring you a lot of peace inside. In addition, it helps to control your anger to increase your level of tolerance. Om chanting helps bring positive vibrations into your body. Om chanting helps us stay young for longer. It detoxifies your body, expels all harmful toxins, and keeps it fresh and clean. Om cleans your body from the inside to shine on the outside. Om chanting energizes our body with positive energy and it cleanses our aura. This positivity begins to reflect on our faces and body. Most importantly Om chanting helps to clear negative energy from your home. It will clean your house and make it a really positive place. Om chanting helps to clear negative energy from your home. Om chanting can release tension from your mind. Om chanting can also help improve your immunity.


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