“Can’t live without trees, don’t reject them away.”


Our dependence on nature is many centuries old and there is a deep connection between us and the tree. Ours is a physical, intellectual, and emotional dependency with trees. Our culture is to seek and worship God in the trees. Nature has inspired them, from sages to modern poets. Trees absorb carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and release oxygen, contaminate gases like ammonia, sulfur-di-oxide. Moreover, the city and the villages or the atmosphere is always cool.


1.Trees provide Food.

Tree’s food like apples, oranges, banana, jack fruits is eaten worldwide. These are all a good source of vitamins and nutrition. Many trees provide nuts and seeds that also provide nutritions and all minerals. Lots of vegetables came from trees in our backyards. All children like chocolates, cocoa is used for it, it all comes from trees.


The earth planet is a good space for man, animals, birds, and all living creatures to live. Trees protect the earth from erosion, fire, and wind. Trees could help to slow down global warming. Trees absorb gas carbon-di-oxide from the atmosphere and always keep our planet earth cool. It helps to evaporate water into the atmosphere and increases the clouds. Trees play a great role in maintaining a healthy environment.


It could be very difficult to live without trees. It gives us oxygen-free. we don’t have to pay for it. Trees play a significant role in improving air quality in the atmosphere. Oxygen is produced and released by trees. One large tree can provide a day’s supply of oxygen for up to four people. According to the”Arbor Foundation research”, a big and old tree will absorb 48 pounds of carbon-di-oxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen in exchange.


We can’t stand much in the summer sun. We need a tree shade. It acts as a natural air conditioning. This reduces the temperature, the effect on the temperature. Plants and shrubs and trees provide not only man but also birds, animals, and other species. The forest is also home to animals and birds. There are many creatures that inhabit the tree-top.


Many beautiful, eye-catching birdhouses are in the trees. Trees are the home of many species and insects, squirrels, rabbits. Trees provide an ecosystem for animals, birds, and insects. Each tree is a lifesaver for some species in this ecosystem.


If we plant and protect trees, we can reduce the problem of drought and floods. Trees reduced the damage caused by floods and trees. It also absorbs sound and reduces air pollution. Trees can reduce noise pollution up to 10 decibels. Nowadays it’s very common that we are facing natural problems like floods, hurricanes, heatwaves, etc. But we should realize the fact that trees improve all these natural problems.


Trees make you feel good. Watching trees, animals, and birds calm the mind. In our busy life sometime between nature, our anxiety and depression are reduced. If we destroy the environment or trees we will face the stressful condition. Spend little time in beautiful nature, it reduces stress and blood sugar.

The famous Kannada literature, Sri Poornachandra Tejaswi, says, “We are a part of nature, and nature is not our part.”


The forest around the world is being destroyed by an increasing population. After globalization in 1990, trees have been cut down to widen the roads across India, to build industries, and make many developmental works. If the trees are cut down in this range, the unstable environment will flourish. ” Development is not by cutting down trees.” In Karnataka according to the 2018 report in a newspaper 7.35 lack trees were reportedly cut down for highway projects. Just imagine the condition of a whole country!. The time has come to save the trees. Governments need to take more steps to protect the environment.


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