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Meditation – The foundation of inner peace.

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Before we start ‘ yogasanas’ its essential to do this ritual Meditation. Its a practice or technique to focus and concentrate our mind on a particular object or thing. In this ritual we need to achieve mental and emotional calmness and to fix our mind and soul on a single object. Yoga expert says, “Ten minutes meditation is equal to six hours sleep”. The pulses and all glands are functioning in a systematic manner. The body becomes lightly active. In this method one can be get enlightenment and self realization. Meditation comes down the natural human stress, anxiety, depression and pain. If a person is doing meditation everyday means, he is getting inner peace, inner health and calmness.


A person can meditate twenty minutes per day or one can be meditate at least eight minutes per day. But some experts meditate more than one hour.

As i said above meditation is a process helps to increase our awareness and our surroundings. In personal life self awareness is important to get success. what we are?, How we are?, in fact for all these questions meditation gives the answers. It is a mesmerizing technique to aware and to open our inner eyes. When we open our inner eyes, the whole world looks beautiful.

Than the question arises, why since long time people have been using this religious habits?. Absolutely their is a strong reason behind it. Meditation has multi benefits. Among that, it reduces Stress. Its common in everybody ‘s personal or professional life. Due to this problem one can not sleep well,talk well, work well. Finally it causes depression and anxiety. Again it causes increase in blood pressure. If a person is facing all these obstacles in life means he lost his happiness. So, many research has shown meditation decreases stress level. Since ten years i have been practicing this ritual to keep my mind and soul stress free. Morning meditation helps me to feel positive thinking, discipline, a kind of inner happiness the whole day.


Life is not a bed of beautiful Roses, some time life brings little anxiety in our home or office or society. A kind of unpreventable pain that occurs. Meditation helps to control anxiety. When i was working, some circumstances has pushed me to anxiety, it was inexpressible. I couldn’t talk normally with friends, colleagues ,parents. But when i started meditation daily i came out little bit from all these problems.

Man is emotional animal. Off course emotional health will be balanced by meditation.

The problem of attention in work is everywhere. Meditation itself is a technique to concentrate on one thing. It helps us to increase our attention, even 8 minutes meditation is enough to get this power.

Most of the people irrespective of men and women struggle this problem of sleeplessness. Our fear, anxiety, some emotional imbalance may caused this. Before we go to sleep if we do it, it relaxes our body and mind. Meditation push all our tensions, pains from our body. we get sleep at the end.

Special tips for women: where their is a stability in emotional and mental health, we feel calmness,cheer,peace inside our heart. we will become healthy. Woman should be beautiful internally. Beauty is not only a outward appearances, its a inner health that enhances our outward Beauty. It keeps us strong and confidant.

Process of doing meditation ; Its not a big set we need to create. so simple sit in a quite place , sit in padmasana with closed eyes. we should sit backwards as much as possible. Let the neck be straight. Let the sight be above the nose and began the practice of meditation.. Do it everyday or evening is the better. The mesmerizing benefits we feel, the feelings of calm,peace,strong , happy. The invisible benefits not available in shops for money. Do it and feel it.

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