“Daily Meditation can decrease our aging process.”


Meditation plays a vital role in Spiritual life and healthy life. Meditation is common in many religions. It is a source of bliss one can looking at self, it gives peace, satisfaction. Meditation is an old tradition but still practiced all over the world in all cultures. In another way, it’s not only related to religion but also a method of practicing consciousness, awareness, and inner peace. The main purpose of meditation is to aware of one’s mind and body and to overcome our mental disturbances, negative thoughts, fears, stress, and anxiety.

When does our body look older?

Our DNA is replicative, the cell dies again and again in our bodies. The DNA in our chromosomes is capped at the ends by a protective protein called “Telomeres”. Each time when cells reproduce telomere gets shorter in number. SO in this condition, we look aging. A telomere is the main element of the aging process. But the regular practice of meditation avoids the lesser number of Telomeres.

How is meditation is helpful to slow down the aging process?

So many Researchers report that meditation slows down blood pressure and heart disease risks. Regular meditation techniques can changes our lifestyle also. Another new study report that meditation technique expands Telomerase which may contribute to the cardiovascular and aging benefits. Telomerase is protein caps at the end of each chromosome in our body. During cell division, the chromosomes reproduce a process that shortens the telomeres. When the Telomeres become too short the cell can no longer reproduce. so, this increase s aging in our body. But in regular meditation, the process of Telomeres expression is increased with a reduction in blood pressure. A study found that during meditation Telomeres increases its production. Every day at least 15 minutes of meditation helps us to the production of Telomerase

A study has been published and found that daily prolonged meditation reduced inflammation and stress. As psychological factors contribute to this beneficial effect, meditators are more compassionate in nature. Meditation reduces the speed of hypertension. In today’s modern busy world, one cannot get away from the tension and sadness. It helps to release toxins from our body. So, the result is a stress-free, anxiety-free, tension-free body, and mind. Regular meditation gives us greater energy, enthusiasm, confidence, and so on. The study found that people had adequate telomeres in meditation, which could help protect biological aging.

When we meditate we can take in positive energy and we can release negativity. A team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin Madison and Hardward medical school says that meditation may slow down brain aging. A recent 2020 study published in the journal “Neurocose” reports that daily meditation slows down the brain’s aging process.

what Buddhist monk says about meditation?.

“One of the Buddhist monks says that from doing meditation one can look 41 years old brain actually resembles that of 33 years old.” Due to stress, the telomeres become down, meditation may help to slow down this process of telomeres decline. More importantly one can attain loving, kindness, compassion. Everyone wants to be youthful and beautiful in every situation despite the fact that aging is a natural cycle. Consuming alcohol, smoking there are all negative effects in Telomeres. Meditation practice increases telomeres activity in blood cells. as meditation reduces stress and decreases negative thoughts.


However “health is wealth“. Health is very important if we want to live a good life. These valuable rituals are good for our good physical and mental health. No doubt our lives will be beautiful if we incorporate these into our lives. It’s a way of a good life!

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