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Kopeshwar Temple – A view of the Moon from inside.

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India is a land of so many Temples. Temples are one of the major parts of Indian living people. Each of these temples has a stunning, intriguing history which makes us amazing. Temples and religious practices are a part of everyday life throughout India. Our life is inseparable from the temples. We will find our peace, happiness, and compactness when we go to temples. Individuals from everywhere the world visit these temples to discover confidence and accomplish profound illumination. Every temple has a novel story and history. From the not insignificant rundown of the most lovely and intriguing temples with regards to India. There are many Indian temples that are amazing in their structural, architectural point of view. . This temple gives us a certain knowledge, devotion, and a lot of things to mind and soul.


Kopeshwar temple is located around 60 km from Kolhapur, Maharastra, on the banks of river Krishna. This temple is considered under Indian Archalogical heritage sites, it is known for its beautiful stone carvings. It is one of the rare temples to visit because both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu are in ‘ling’ form. History records, this temple was built by Shilahaara king Gandaraditya, Vijayadithya, and Bhoj – 2 between 1109 and 1178 A D. As indicated by archeologists, the development of the sanctuary started in the 7 th century AD and stayed inadequate for quite a while. The development was finished a lot later in the twelfth century AD. This, yet the legend has it that Lord Shiva blew up when Sati forfeited herself and he was then brought to this sanctuary by Lord Vishnu. This is the way the temple got its name as Kopeshwar which implies incensed divine beings. . The temple has 12 round pillars ascending towards the ceiling. It has very beautiful engravings of kings, queens, and their vehicles. The three rows of 12 pillars have beautiful artistic designs. A large and black flat stone 14 feet in diameter. Kopeshwar temple is one of the few temples in India where both shaivaites and vishnavites have their diety. The rare thing to be noticed here is that lord Vishnu is also in the form of a linga, along with shiva linga. But there is no Nandi at the entrance as in all Shiva temples.



Indian great temples have their own beautiful stories behind them. This temple’s story is related to the story of Sati’s self-immolation at her father Daksha’s Yagya. After Sati kills herself, Lord shiva became angry, when Vishnu steps to calm down lord shiva’s anger. It is in this situation, this temple came into existence. When shiva angry he gets the name of kopeshwar. ‘Kopa’ means anger in Sanskrit. Still, we can see Lord Vishnu, Vishnu is present here as the second linga to calm down lord shiva.



The very interesting part of the kopeshwar temple is the swarga mandap., after the entrance to the temple. The Moon appears exactly in the middle of swarga mandap, on the very day of “Karthik Poornima”. It’s a really amazing art and architecture of India even. The swarga mandap in the kopeshwar temple was done by keeping in mind of condition and direction of the Moon. The mandap is supported by 48 beautifully carved pillars with large circular stones with an open roof. We can see the view of the sky from inside. We can also see the kopeshwar linga in the garbha griha in the front. We can fill our eyes with the beautiful carvings of Lord Brahma, on the left and Lord Vishnu on the right. Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwar symbolically guard the temple.


It is very sad to say that many of the sculptures have been badly damaged and destroyed by the Islamic invaders in the later centuries. Aurangazeb and his armies destroyed the carvings on the temple. Whatever it may be almost all the Hindu temples are a symbolic reconstruction of the universe and universal principles. India is home to numerous different societies and religions. Described by various philosophies, conventions, and customs, the nation has a spot to venerate in each corner. All temples in India reflect Hindu philosophy and its diverse and legends. All we need to do is understand every aspect of the temples.

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very informative!!

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Hats off to the Engineering work of that era!!!


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