If you wish to lead a healthy life, be a vegetarian.


The food chain is the order in that animals and plants eat each other in order to survive. Every living creature including human beings needs to depend upon another creature in an ecosystem. Every ecosystem has a different food chain. Every animal species depend upon another plant or animal species for their survival. When it comes to human beings many people adopt a vegetarian diet to boost their health. There are plenty of reasons why one should become a vegetarian. Some categories of people adopt vegetarian foods because of ethical reasons, moral reasons, religious reasons and so many. Nowadays people prefer vegetarian foods because it is healthier and plenty of benefits to living a healthy life as the proverb says “Health is Wealth.”



There are so many factors that cause an increase in lifespan. What we eat fruits and vegetables, the toxin and chemicals increase very lesser. It results in more healthy years and a longer lifespan. Research states that vegetarians may live longer. Another recent study has shown that a vegetarian diet improves mortality rate up to 12%.


As we know cholesterol level increases from animal foods. Even though cholesterol is an essential component of the human body. Vegetables and fruits are cholesterol-free. Studies found that vegetarian foods have lower cholesterol levels due to reduced intake of saturated fats.


“The university hospital Ghent department of pediatrics in Belgium” states that a vegetarian diet has fewer chances of having a stroke and obesity. Vegetarians who have low cholesterol levels, a balanced weight, normal blood pressure, and a less cardiovascular diet had a 20% lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. The risk of heart disease in vegetarians is about a third lower compared to non-vegetarians.


Comparatively, nonvegetarians have extreme levels of blood sugar. This can be controlled by a vegetarian good diet. Always a healthy vegetarian diet is easy to absorb, it is nutritious and contains low fatty acids. A vegetarian diet rich in plant-based foods is low fat, it supplies the body with fuel, it helps to stabilize blood sugar.



Healthy skin and healthy hair always a great deal for women. If you wish to have healthy skin and hair we need to take vitamins and minerals with enormous water. All fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. Except for fruits and vegetables many other veggies also a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals it supports to get healthy hair, skin, and nails.


Fruits and vegetables not only contain antioxidants and vitamins but also are rich in fiber content. Fiber is needful for digestion, it improves body metabolism and it eliminates toxin and other chemicals from the body.


Most of all vegetarian foods contain fiber so, these foods are easy to digest and helpful for body metabolism. Studies show that a vegetarian diet may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and various types of cancer. It reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome, includes obesity and types 2 diabetes.


Vegetarians eat less saturated fat and cholesterol, vitamins C and E, fiber, folic acid, potassium, magnesium. So there will be less LDC cholesterol, less blood pressure. The American Dietetic Association says vegetarian diets are healthful and nutritious for adults, infants, children, and adolescents and can help prevent and treat chronic diseases including heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes.


In vegetarian foods, there will be high in saturated fats and low in plants based foods, and carbohydrates are making us fat. Grains and fruits and dry fruits, vegetables are high in complex carbohydrates, they provide the body with plenty of energizing fuel. Vegetarians always weigh less because of a diet comprised of low calories in grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Importantly they always aware of health and healthy food.



Vegetarians need not worry about obesity. That results in lower levels of toxin in the body. Comparatively, vegetarians always are healthy, they go to sickbeds rarely. A recent study found that meat and its products affect the mood of the human body, whereas a vegetarian diet has low Arachidonic acid, which is associated with mood disturbances.


Eating veggies or nonveggies depends upon every individual. It is personal rather than other factors. If we think in health purposes vegetarians diet can be the perfect way to stay healthy and happy. All vegetarians foods are easy for the body to digest, more importantly, vegetarian foods play a great role in healthy living and even environment too in these scenarios. Throughout history, many great philosophers, saints, enlightened thinkers identified the value of vegetarianism. Whatever it may be, a vegetarian diet can increase the health and well-being of our body, mind, soul, and planet earth, and Ecosystem.

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