If you want to be Beautiful and Healthy, quit eating Sugar.!


Sugar is a part of our daily food nowadays. Especially even kids love sugar very much. But too much sugar in our diet might be causes for several health problems. Sugar consumption is linked with a higher risk of heart diseases, diabetes, skin problems, and fatty liver. Recent studies also say that sugar consumption can make a fast aging process. In fact, there is a difference between added sugar and the sugar that is naturally found in fruits and vegetables. Of course, the natural sugar added in fruits and vegetables is good for health because it added nutrients to our diet for clear and healthy skin.


1.Aging process is very natural but a poor diet causes skin aging. Intake of sugar can lead to hyperglycemia which can cause increased inflammatory signals which further lead to mitochondrial and DNA damage.

2.A sugar consumption can lead to an increase in Glycation of proteins leading to the formation of advanced glycation end products which can cause functional damage to them. So, fast-aging can happen.

3.When we intake sugar ‘the glycation of proteins increased oxidative stress and increased inflammation also occurs with age, it can add our biological age also.https://lifelance.in/eat-these-foods-and-stay-health/

4.One of the New study has found that a diet rich in food loaded with sugar, oil, fats can make you age more quickly.

5.Sugars are found in foods like chocolates, biscuits, and cakes. A high fat intake contributes to being overweight. Commercially produced sweet foods contain a high level of saturated fat, it will increase blood cholesterol level and risk of heart diseases.

6.The beauty of the face is from beautiful teeth. A large amount of sugar in sweets and soft drinks are contributing to decay. Sticky sugar causes for tooth worse.

7.The study presented at the 2020 European and International Obesity Congress states that Highly processed foods are loaded with sugar, salt, fat, and starch can lead to premature aging.

8.Sydney endocrinologist Sophiechan Explains that Elastin and collagen are proteins and building blocks of the skin, during glycation toxic compounds called glycation End products are produced, this can cause wrinkles, dark circles, sagging.

9.Inflammation has been associated with a diet high in GI foods. It can lead to broken capillaries, loss of skin elasticity, and breakdown of cells. Short-term inflammation is good but prolonged inflammation has a damaging effect on the body. Studies shown that high glucose carbs(sugar) lead to oxidative stress through the formation of free radicals.

10. Offcource youth’s full complexion attracts the eyes, when we eat sugar we tend not to eat healthy foods. so, we deprive our bodies of critical vitamins and minerals it is needed to maintain a Youthfull skin.https://lifelance.in/natural-amazing-health-benefits-of-figs/

11.Excess intake of sugar can damage collagen and elastin, these two proteins keep our skin elastic and healthy and complexion. This high glycemic food cause aging by increasing the breakdown of collagen fibers in a process called glycation.

12.Do you know?, sugar can damage and deactivates natural Antioxidant Enzymes without protection from antioxidants. Free radicals trigger oxidative stress it will contribute to premature aging in the skin.

13.Sugar reacts with protein creating advanced glycation end products(AGEs) these substances cause the skin to be wrinkled and cell structure to harden.

14.Sugar is empty calories with no nutrients value. It increases the risk of weight gain and types 2 diabetes. Refined sugar creates inflammation in the body, which can increase the risk of heart disease.

15.“Fructose” found in much natural sweetness tends to have an impact on the liver, which leads to other health issues such as high cholesterol. whereas fructose is sent to the to be processed. excessive fructose is converted into fat in the liver. So it leads to problems like weight gain.


Sugar consumption can prematurely diminish and weakening of our body’s defense mechanism. Do you know? There are so many international celebrities who have chosen a free or low sugar lifestyle, they have realized it might not be to stay healthy. It’s ok to eat a little sugar but stay away from soft drinks, cakes, candy, etc. A little bit of sugar is not going harm to our health. Anyways, health is wealth. Stay healthy.

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