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Habits to do to be extremely happy.

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This life is a wonderful opportunity given by God. You can keep your life as happy as you can, where you have work, parenting, love, and leisure, and led a meaningful life, “which involves knowing your highest potentials and using them to join and serve something greater than yourself. Life can’t be the same always. It’s true. Pain, suffering, hardship, and Happiness comes and go like the wind. But the most important thing is to be happy. Because there is only one life, we don’t know whether there will be another birth or not. So every moment should be happy and smile.

Surround yourself with other happy people.

Happiness is like a disease, spreading from person to person. If you are happy, those around you will be happy. Framingham Heart Study researchers who investigated the prevalence of happiness over 20 years found that those surrounded by happier people were happier in the future. Dr. from the University of California at San Diego. James Fowler conducted a study on how a person’s social network affects their level of happiness. They found that individuals who associate themselves with cheerful people have happier behaviors and consequently a better sense of well-being. One person’s happiness affects another person’s mood, which in turn increases another person’s mood.

Have a smile on your face

According to a study published in the Academy of Management Journal, if you’re feeling a lot of pain, cultivating a happy mindset will increase your happiness levels and make you more productive. A study revealed that being honest with your smile can make your mood worse while faking a smile can make you feel more negative.

cultivate resilience.

 Resilience, not happiness, is the opposite of depression: Happy people know how to bounce back from failure. Resilience is like padding for the inevitable hardships that humans face. As the Japanese proverb goes, “Fall seven times, get up eight times.” Resilience is the ability to cope with setbacks and recover. Calm people are resilient in times of crisis. A resilient person is someone who has strong coping skills and can marshal available resources, ask for help when needed, and find ways to manage the situation they face.

Try to be happy.

It’s as simple as it sounds: According to two studies recently published in The Journal of Positive Psychology, making an effort to be happy boosts your emotional well-being. In the study, those who actively sought to experience happiness reported higher levels of positive moods than those who merely experienced happiness. Happiness often comes from within. When you feel negative about yourself, ask yourself what advice you would give to a friend who loves himself. Now try applying that advice to yourself. Something is better than something, it’s better to be positive than negative.

Focus on the good

You feel especially rewarded for paying attention in situations where everyone around you is confused, distressed, confused, and anxious – you call the situation. And the feeling you get from being efficient, doing what the situation calls for, and more is a wonderful reward. Creation is like vision. Life is built as we think. So if you think good in any situation happy moments will come one day.

Appreciate simple pleasures.

Make it a habit to be thankful for what God has given us. Because it gives immense happiness. Finding meaning in the little things and practicing gratitude for all that you have is associated with an overall sense of happiness.

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Spend some time giving to others.

Even though there are only 24 hours in a day, positive people fill that time doing good for others, which in turn, makes the doer feel better. Volunteer work is good for mental and physical health. People of all ages who volunteer can be happier and experience better physical health and less depression.

Make a point to listen.

Listening is a good habit. When you listen you open up your ability to take in more knowledge versus blocking the world with your words or thoughts that grab your attention. You are also demonstrating trust and respect for others. Knowledge and confidence are evidence that you are secure and positive about yourself. Good listening is a skill that strengthens relationships and leads to more satisfying experiences. A good listener can walk away from a conversation feeling that their presence serves a purpose, an experience closely linked to increased well-being.

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 Look on the bright side.

Optimism has many health benefits. Says less stress and better pain tolerance. When you choose to see the silver lining, you also choose health and happiness. Optimism is like a rainbow. If it rains, it is a beautiful experience, if you keep such optimism, there is no doubt that one day in your life will be a beautiful experience.

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