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  • Sheer khurma recipe

    Sheer Khurma or sheer khorma is a sweet vermicelli pudding made during Eid festival with typically thin vermicelli, milk, sugar and dried fruits. This dessert is perfect for a soulful treat to your taste buds that fasts during the month of Ramadan. Sheer Khurma is a traditional dessert in Muslim communities, especially during Eid al-Fitr... Read More The post Sheer khurma recipe appeared first on Raks Kitchen.

  • Methi Muthiya Recipe

    Methi muthiya is a Gujarati dish with fenugreek leaves, mixed flours, in addition to spices as main ingredients in the recipe. It can be steamed as well as deep fried. It can be made during the winter, when fresh methi leaves are in season, as a tea-time snack. Check out my Khaman recipe and patra... Read More The post Methi Muthiya Recipe appeared first on Raks Kitchen.

  • Coin Potato Fry Recipe

    Coin potato fry is a super easy, beginner friendly potato dish, simple to make as well as tasty recipe. Such tawa fry can be prepared when you want to make something quick, simple yet tasty. As a snack as well as side dish. This was inspired by my vazhakkai tawa fry recipe on this site,... Read More The post Coin Potato Fry Recipe appeared first on Raks Kitchen.

  • Cooking without fire recipes

    Cooking without fire recipes that you can make it for competition as well as to involve kids to create the interest in them early. In this post, I have shared some fireless cooking recipes, ideas and in addition, strategies for No-cook recipes using mainly raw ingredients. Many years back, I used to have a good... Read More The post Cooking without fire recipes appeared first on Raks Kitchen.

  • Bedmi Puri Recipe

    Bedmi puri is a crispy deep fried food item from Delhi, made of urad dal, wheat flour and spices as main ingredients. Usually paired with aloo gravy as side dish. Perfect for winter mornings to enjoy hot poori with hot aloo sabji for breakfast. Check out my other masala poori recipe and aloo bhaji recipe... Read More The post Bedmi Puri Recipe appeared first on Raks Kitchen.

  • Sabudana Thalipeeth Recipe

    Sabudana thalipeeth is an Indian flatbread made with tapioca pearls (sabudana / sago) and potato as main ingredients. In addition, crushed peanuts, coriander leaves and cumin, the flavor is irresistable. These soft as well as crispy pancakes in other words are mostly made during Navratri fasting. But you can always make them anytime to indulge!... Read More The post Sabudana Thalipeeth Recipe appeared first on Raks Kitchen.

  • Oats chilla recipe

    Oats chilla or oats cheela is an Indian breakfast recipe you can make instantly with ingredients available at home. Perfect for dinner as well as for weight loss. I make oats chilla often for dinner or lunch rather than breakfast whenever want to avoid rice or heavy meal. This was inspired by my besan paneer... Read More The post Oats chilla recipe appeared first on Raks Kitchen.

  • Gur makhana recipe

    Gur makhana or sweet puffed lotus seeds is a nutritious snack with caramelized jaggery coating along with sesame seeds. Perfect for the after meal sweet cravings with these guilt free jaggery makhana. Check out my sesame gajak recipe and spicy phool makhana in my website, perfect for this winter as snacks. Ingredients Below are the... Read More The post Gur makhana recipe appeared first on Raks Kitchen.

  • Instant pot Air fryer Diwali recipes

    Instant pot and Instant Vortex Air fryer Diwali recipes that are easy, quick, bachelor friendly, even dorm folks can try and my experience using air fryer for first time. Disclaimer : This post is sponsored post, for the exchange of Instant Vortex Air fryer and sharing my experiences about it. Instant pot and Instant vortex... Read More The post Instant pot Air fryer Diwali recipes appeared first on Raks Kitchen.

  • Mohanthal recipe

    Mohanthal is a traditional Gujarati mithai (sweet) with besan(split chickpea flour), sugar and ghee as main ingredients. It is a soft texture burfi. This sweet can be made for festivals like Diwali and celebrations like Check out my bournvita burfi recipe if which is also gluten free and how to make ghee at home post,... Read More The post Mohanthal recipe appeared first on Raks Kitchen.

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