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  • Gujiya Recipe

    Gujiya is a traditional Indian sweet/ pastry, is a crescent shaped pastry with filling made up of khoya (mawa - Milk solids) along with dry fruits and nuts. Let's see how to prepare this at home with step by step images. Gujiya is mainly prepared during festivals like Holi, Diwali etc, aslo during special occasions.... Read More The post Gujiya Recipe appeared first on Raks Kitchen.

  • Pumpkin Paratha Recipe | Kaddu paratha

    Pumpkin paratha or kaddu paratha is a nutritious, tasty, soft flatbreads made with wheat flour, yellow pumpkin and simple ingredients. In this post, let's see how to incorporate this vegetable in fun way that will be a great choice for your or your kid's lunchbox and tiffin. You can make this anytime of the year... Read More The post Pumpkin Paratha Recipe | Kaddu paratha appeared first on Raks Kitchen.

  • Aadi Paal Recipe

    Aadi paal is a sweet drink with jaggery and coconut milk as main ingredients, prepared especially on the 1st day of Tamil month Aadi. It is very simple recipe that you can try for the festive month. Though aadi paal is typically made to mark 1st day of aadi, it can also be made to... Read More The post Aadi Paal Recipe appeared first on Raks Kitchen.

  • Sodhi Recipe | Tirunelveli Sodhi Kuzhambu

    Sodhi is a flavorful, rich coconut milk based dish from Tirunelveli region of Tamil Nadu. It is a mild creamy gravy with moong dal, mixed vegetables. It is also called mappillai Sodhi widely. Though you can make this throughout the year, it is specially made during festivals, family gatherings and typically served to the newly... Read More The post Sodhi Recipe | Tirunelveli Sodhi Kuzhambu appeared first on Raks Kitchen.

  • Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Recipe

    Strawberry frozen yogurt is a frozen dessert made with fresh strawberries and yogurt as main ingredients. This is a simple recipe with just 3 main ingredients for refreshing fruity treat on hot summer days. If you are a fan of flavored yogurt, this is a great option using fresh fruit and the goodness of yogurt.... Read More The post Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Recipe appeared first on Raks Kitchen.

  • Toor Dal Dosa Recipe

    Toor dal dosa, a south Indian breakfast recipe with split pigeon pea, rice as main ingredients with other items for flavour. Let's see how to make this quick version of thuvaram paruppu dosai in this post. Soak overnight and make it for breakfast or even perfect for dinner as this have less standing time. Check... Read More The post Toor Dal Dosa Recipe appeared first on Raks Kitchen.

  • Carrot Kesari Recipe

    Carrot Kesari is a wonderful way to make a sweet without any artificial food colours. In fact the recipe is pretty much similar to regular kesari except we add carrot puree and cook along for a lovely hue. It doesn't taste like carrot halwa, but more like kesari and lovely natural color from carrots. With... Read More The post Carrot Kesari Recipe appeared first on Raks Kitchen.

  • Kulukki Sarbath Recipe

    Kulukki Sarbath is a popular and refreshing drink from the Indian state of Kerala. This cold drink is made with fresh lime or lemon juice, sugar, basil seeds (sabja seeds). Perfect for summer as this has sabja seeds in the drink, and for that reason, it's a natural body coolant and quite refreshing ice cold... Read More The post Kulukki Sarbath Recipe appeared first on Raks Kitchen.

  • Cardamom Powder Recipe

    Cardamom powder is a versatile spice used in many Indian dishes, that has a sweet as well as fragrant aroma. Elaichi powder is made by grinding cardamom seeds with skin into a fine powder to add especially in sweets, desserts, flavored drinks and rice dishes. Cardamom powder comes handy whenever you prepare desserts, sweets as... Read More The post Cardamom Powder Recipe appeared first on Raks Kitchen.

  • Ragi Chapathi Recipe

    Ragi chapathi is a gluten free flatbread, made with finger millet flour/ ragi flour. Let's see how to make a soft one easily in this post with step by step images and video. If you are looking for diabetic friendly and gluten free swap for these healthy millet chapti. Check out this vegetable sagu recipe... Read More The post Ragi Chapathi Recipe appeared first on Raks Kitchen.

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