Do these yoga asanas and stay healthy and fit.

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”

Yoga is a great gift given to us by our ancestors. Yoga is said to offer numerous health benefits, both physically and spiritually. And here are five yoga asanas that will help you take care of both your emotional and physical health. The biggest challenge we face when it comes to taking care of our health is time. In our busy mechanical life, 24 hours is too short to achieve everything we want. At such times, most people forget about their health. But if you dedicate 15 minutes every day, you will be ready to achieve everything you want. And here are five yoga asanas that will help you take care of both your emotional and physical health. Regular practice of yoga postures is not only a mantra to gain physical fitness but also helps in achieving mental clarity and balance. There are different types of yoga postures or asanas that help support the body and mind in their journey toward well-being.

Kapalabhati Pranayama 

It has a huge range of mental, physical, and spiritual benefits. It contributes to overall well-being. It helps to correct poor blood circulation in the body and relieves mental stress. Moreover, it removes toxins and other waste materials from the body and improves the health of your skin, and gives it a radiant glow. It is also helpful in weight loss and reducing belly fat.

Surya Namaskar 

It means salutation to the sun in the morning. It strengthens our muscles and joints, improves the functioning of the digestive system, and is effective in losing weight. It prevents hair loss by increasing blood circulation in the scalp. Throughout the Surya Namaskar sequence, the dynamic inhaling and exhalation process keeps the blood oxygenated and the lungs ventilated. The proper flow of fresh blood in the body is an excellent technique to cleanse the body of poisonous substances and carbon dioxide. The lungs are completely ventilated and the blood is oxygenated due to the active breathing and exhalation process. This also aids in the detoxification of the body by removing carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases.

Marjaryasana or Cat-Cow Pose

It helps in improving posture, balance, and muscle flexibility. Thus, it enables us to move on to more advanced and complex postures. It strengthens the spine by increasing blood flow. The cow stretch activates the tailbone (source of spin), while the cat stretch relieves stress on the neck and upper back.

Tadasana or Mountain Pose

It has a wide range of benefits from improving posture, coordination, and agility, to relieving sciatic pain and increasing blood circulation, toning core muscles, and strengthening the back, hips, and legs

Ustrasana or Camel Pose

It is a backward bending of the spine. It relieves constipation, relieves back pain, and reduces fat on the abdomen, thighs, and arms. It is a natural way to correct wrong sitting postures. Ustrasana benefits your body by helping to get rid of fatigue and even anxiety at times. It is also beneficial to get rid of constipation and other abdominal-related issues, as it completely stretches out this particular region.


This energizing pose strengthens the muscles in your legs, arms, and back. It also gives your chest, shoulders, neck, thighs, and ankles a nice stretch. This asana tones the abdomen and outer hips. Opens the hip flexors and strengthens the hip extensors. Engages the deep core muscles, which helps create stability and improve balance. Can help alleviate pain caused by sciatica.

Yogasanas are a wonderful practice. Through this, we can maintain health and fitness. Health is destiny. Stay healthy and strong even though we only have a few days to live. Instead of spending money and doing something else, you can do these asanas at home and become fit and young. Mental and physical health is very important for a man to achieve anything. So take advantage of yoga asanas.

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