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Home Environment “The world Sparrow Day.”- No selfie with the sparrow, Only candied memory.- World sparrow Day 2023.

“The world Sparrow Day.”- No selfie with the sparrow, Only candied memory.- World sparrow Day 2023.

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If we remember our childhood memorable days, our hearts filled and danced with the memory of beautiful Sparrows. We were grown-up by seeing the little sparrows in villages. How beautiful, friendly, lovely they are!. Almost all the houses were a shelter to the nest of sparrows as well as a bus station, railway station, shrubs. During those innocent childhood days, it was a great pleasure and passion to watch those sparrows. when we woke up early in the morning, there itself a deep emotional connection between the sparrows with us. That was a time, we didn’t know YouTubes and we didn’t carry mobile phones. So sad, no photographs with our hearts touching sparrows. No selfies with our beloved sparrows We would have taken colorful photographs if we had a mobile camera in our childhood days. Unfortunately, now we have wonderful mobile cameras but no house sparrows, those are completely disappearing from our houses, surrounding environments, bus stops, and railway stations. World sparrow day is celebrating on 20 March every year in many countries around the world. This year the world sparrow day is celebrating with the theme” I love sparrows”.

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Sparrows are the early mates.

There is a long connection between sparrows with human civilization. It is said that the ancient Roman introduced the house sparrow to Europe from North America and Eurasia. Therefore there itself the human migration took the birds to other parts of the world. Sparrows were the social bird living side by side around human beings. The adorable sparrows chirping and flitting around in our courtyards. Sparrows emotionally connected with us ever since humans started depending on agriculture. In fact, so many birds are mentioned in our mythologies and folklores among, them sparrows also.

Sparrows are no longer.

It is very difficult to see our beloved sparrows. Nesting places are not for them. There are a lot of reasons, such as building, cutting down trees, and so on. The beautiful birds are almost extinct. Human activities and urbanization are responsible for the disappearance of beautiful sparrows.

we need sparrows.

Sparrows mostly prefer seeds, millets, grass, weed, sunflower seeds. They also eat fruits and berries, during this process sparrows spread seeds to places away. This would cause the growth of plants and hence sparrows are the producers in the ecosystem. Small insects are a big problem to agricultural plants but sparrows feed on small insects even and helpful to formers by playing the role of preserving the ecosystem. Little sparrows wanted to live in the company of man, they build a nest in the roof of a house. The sparrows were coming home as members. Difficult to believe how the modern lifestyle has completely changed. Of course, few scientists say due to mobile waves, the sparrows have disappeared from sight.

Last words.

There will always be a pleasure from birds. Birds are some of the best indicators of biological diversity in any given area because they are usually seen or heard in their environments, especially in urban areas. According to science, birds bring more happiness. We feel happier when we watch birds! The modern lifestyle is not pleasurable. All animals and birds have an important place in the diversity of life. In addition to the modern lifestyle and development, Nature, animals, birds need to be protected. There is no match for the melodious song of the birds, their beauty is literally incomparable with anything else. Love sparrows.

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