Should you always be happy in life? Follow these formulas.

Everyone on this earth wants to live a more meaningful and happy life ever. Happiness is a pretty important role in our lives, happiness plays an impact on the way we live our lives.

But what is happiness? The interpretation differs from one person to another. And the question arises, how do we get it? where do we get it? And how can we go about achieving it? Everything is available if we try. There is a simple formula for living a meaningful and happy life when we start our day with meaningful positive thinking.

There are so many other ways of getting success in their individual lives but at last, We want to feel good and satisfied about our lives at the end of each day. Happiness varies from person to person. What makes us happy varies from person to person. It’s not an easy thing to achieve it until and unless we don’t know how to find it and where to find it.


1. Think positive.

Positive thinking doesn’t mean that you ignore life’s less pleasant situations. Positive thinking means that you approach unpleasant things more positively and productively. Thinking about a good memory and goodness can also help to improve your pleasant mood. When you are feeling boring a little sad, take the time to relax and remember your past beautiful good memory it may enhance a good mood. Positive thinking often starts with self-talk. Self-talk is the endless stream of unspoken thoughts that run through your head. These automatic thoughts can be positive or negative.  If your thoughts are positive, you’re likely an optimist. For someone who practices positive thinking, a positive outlook enables you to cope better with stressful situations, which reduces the harmful health effects of stress on your body.

2.Act happily.

Being happy is now more important than ever. But with everything going on around you. Happiness is the emotion that drives the good times. It’s also the emotion that helps us survive hard times. Your facial expressions play an important role in setting your mood because the face is the index of the mind. Pretending to be happy in a day, the next day, the very next day. At last, it can be a trick and habit of your brain into believing you are happy.

3. Exercise.

Exercise is a great way to get the endorphins flowing and your mood improving. Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier, more relaxed, and less anxious. You may also feel better about your appearance and yourself when you exercise regularly, which can boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem. There are many other ways exercise makes us happier, it reduces the stress level, reduces feelings of loneliness, and helps people relieve a kind of sorrow. Exercise increases endorphins, but it also increases many more brain chemicals that make you feel happy, the expert says. When it comes to feeling happier and empowered in life, our confidence level also boosts up.

4.Respect yourself

Giving respect starts with yourself When you begin to respect yourself for who you are you’ll find that living a meaningful and happy life is much easier Once you’ve identified your strengths and weaknesses, ways are there and look for ways to improve yourself. It Starts with Self Respect. Respecting yourself means giving your worth and value as a human being. If you do not respect yourself, it will be more difficult for you to respect anyone else. Respect for yourself and other relationships booms well-being.

5.Do something nice.

We can achieve happiness from kindness. we feel utter happiness from kindness and showing compassion to others, it may put a smile on their face. When we do something nice, it’s important to simply be modest and humble about it. Happiness can also come from being compassionate and kind to one another. The scientists discovered the more people visited new and different locations, they felt happy that day and the next day. Trying new things and learning can have a positive impact on how happy we feel in a range of different ways. Doing nice things to others means showing compassion by doing good works results in Happiness.

6. Listen more talk less.

This is a wonderful lesson about happy life leading. If you’re willing to listen more, it shows respect, which in turn creates a better relationship between yourself and others. When you listen more to others and show them respect. Speaking and listening in a balanced way is imperative in our world. The noise of useless words that we throw to get the attention of others makes it difficult to understand each other. Ironically, the more we talk, the less we understand we can communicate, resulting in an unhappy ending. When you speak less, definitely we do more. It’s obvious. Our focus switches from talking to doing. While talking and expressing, your feelings are important.

7. Good relationships.

Good social connections make people so happier. Sweet relationships not only make people happy but they are also associated with better health and even longer life. Relationships are connected to some of our strongest emotions too. When they are positive we feel happiness, contentment, and calm. People that are more socially interconnected with family, friends, and society are proven to be happier as well as physically healthier and to live longer. People who are less socially linked, their mind doesn’t work well, don’t sleep as well, and the possibility of an increased risk for illness. Therefore positive relationships are good for not only our bodies but our minds.

8. Show gratitude.

Gratitude is associated with longer happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, brings good experiences, improves their health, deal with adversity, and builds strong relationships. When we offer gratitude to others we feel joy in ourselves. Of course, it’s a great human value Thankfulness may accessible to joy. Showing thankfulness can impact our happiness and enhance many aspects of our life. The happiest people find happiness in the things that they have, they won’t be sad in the things which they don’t have.

9. Selfcare.

Doing our work and caring for ourselves are meant to refuel and recharge us, in turn making us happier and healthier. self-care enhanced self-confidence (64%), increased productivity (67%), and happiness (71%). We only know what is good for us, nobody else. So it increases our emotional and physical stamina, improving our self-esteem, and building resilience. Always self-caring people eat well, sleep well, they exercise well. They involve in the works that bring all happiness all over the day.

10. Live in the present.

The great science to live happily is to live in the present”. PYTHAGORAS.

While we should learn from our past and make plans for our future, the present moment is important not the past , not the future.

When you stop worrying about the past or thinking too much about your future, you’ll be able to enjoy the present moment with the people who are here with you now, that’s the reality too. By living in the present we should appreciate and enjoy the beautiful things around us. we should live in present, it is an essential part of a happy and meaningful life.


The simple formula for living a happy life is just so simple not complex. One should have courage, and self-esteem and cultivate mindfulness by living in the present moment. Forget about the mistakes you done in the past, look at the present. Living a meaningful life with happiness takes little effort and patience, but it is possible for everyone. And if you follow the above simple formulas, you’ll start living a happier life now. As the proverb says” Life is short, make it sweet.”

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Good mental health is essential than money. Yoga and Meditation keep balanced mental health.

Happiness is a more crucial part and parcel of our life. All the people across the world wish to be happy forever in their personal life and professional life and so on. Our career goals might be different from one person to another but all other’s ultimate goal is to be happy. Hence mental health should be healthy to be happy. Mental health is a very important factor in all stages of life. Every people’s mental health or fitness helps us to achieve and sustain a state of good mental health. When our state of mind is healthy definitely enjoy our life and our surrounding environment. Mental wellness is as equal as physical health. According to the Mental health foundation,” more than 15% of all adults will experience mental health problems in any given week and the figures to almost 25% among young people”. Research shows that ” an unhealthy person mind will sooner or later manifest itself into an unhealthy body.” Other research found that if a person is suffering from mental illness is at a higher risk of heart problems. Therefore if we wish to be happy always need to keep our mental health in a balanced state.


1. Mental health directly linked to physical health.

We suppose to spend a lot of money on physical health. Of course, all will spend a lot of money on it. But money is not a source of happiness. Happiness should be laid inside us. Happiness starts from inside us, not any materialistic stuff. The mind and the body are interconnected, many mental ailments cause stress, depression which lowers the immune system. Whereas stress and anxiety can affect physical health. The body produces stress hormones and it affects and heart rate, breathing, blood sugar. The association between the brain or soul and body is grounded and demonstrates why emotional well-being mindfulness is so significant.

2.Mental health is related to emotions.

An unhealthy mind can lead to feeling not good, angry, disturbed. If our emotional well-being is in a balanced state, it boosts productivity and effectiveness in work. Bad mental health always reduces productivity. A disturbed mind will not concentrate and focus on work. They can not complete everyday work or given tasks.

3.Bad mental health influences relationships.

Of course, bad mental health affects on lives of surroundings or relationships like mother, father, sister, wife, friend, etc. Bad mental health leads to faraway from relations. The crowd and noise may irritate them. Totally we may lose the quality of life. In a day – to day relationships it is all about how you treat yourself and how you treat other relations. From the behavioral changes and negative thoughts of a person may be disliked in a relation because o that in that family or surroundings friends, relatives, family members, or a wife or a partner will start feeling uncomfortable with them.

4. Mental health is linked to societal factors.

Poor emotional well-being causes violations and brutality in the family and outside of the family. With a solitary intellectually infirmity individual, the entire family endures, his/her folks, spouse, youngsters, and so on Critically, these individuals become far off from society and battle to discover agreeableness with society. They feel it will be hard to keep a solid public activity.

5. Mental well-being related to the workplace.

It is recognized that the mental health of an employee is a crucial determinant in their work and productivity. A poor mental health employee will not be able to contribute effectively in both their personal and professional lives. As per the world health organization, more than 300 million people suffer from depression globally. Depression can also be accompanied by anxiety cost the worldwide economy US$ trillion every year in lost productivity.

Yoga and meditation enhance mental well-being.!!!

Yoga is a comprehensive practice that emphasizes the mind and involves postures, breathing, and meditation. Our ancestors and Rishi Muni gifted a wonderful way of life to overcome these kinds of mental and physical health problems. Yoga and meditation is a powerful tool for promoting mental and physical well being. 3000 years old tradition yoga is now regarded in the western world. It is a practice that leads to important outcomes such as changes in life perspective, self-awareness, and improved sense of energy to live life fully. It definitely relieves stress, lowers anxiety levels, decreases depression, improves sleep quality, and enhances the quality of life. Whereas meditation is the practice of focusing one’s mind for a period of time. Practicing meditation can help us with managing negative emotions such as anger, fear, and other things. Just we will feel the relaxation and inner peace.


Health is the center part of our life. Without good health, it is impossible to attain things. We can not climb dreams of mountains without good health. Energy levels are an impression of our general wellbeing. The more energy we have, the more we will complete in our everyday life. Physical, mental, passionate, otherworldly are largely the energy levels in the body that ought to be in a decent state. ., Yoga and Meditation upgrade personal satisfaction and offers importance to brilliant life. Let us celebrate it.

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Want to get rid of diabetes? here are the simple yoga asanas.

Yoga is not only a spiritual aspect of human life but also Yoga is essential to keep our body healthy. We could find so many beneficial factors from Yoga asanas. When the sugar level in our body increases causes the kidney, heart, blood pressure, or reduced eyesight or so many negative effects may occur. In fact, before we face these health problems if we practice some yoga asanas we get rid of all these problems especially “diabetes”. Nowadays diabetes is a commonly found disease in people irrespective of gender, causes due to poor lifestyle, and improper food habits. Yoga can do a miracle in reducing our high blood sugar levels. These are some of the simple yoga asanas that will help diabetes patients.


Dhanurasana or bow pose is the cure for fatigue. It strengthens our abdominal muscles reduces constipation and helpful in regulating the pancreas. This bow pose is to balance the blood sugar level in our body. It improves the functioning of the pancreas and intestines. If we do continuously this asana our liver, pancreas, and enzyme-creating organs will function actively.

2. paschimottanasana.

Paschimottanasana or seated forward bend is an excellent asana for people with diabetes. It also reduces blood pressure, insulin also balanced. It also relieves stress, fatigue, and anxiety. This asana is a full stretch, pulls, and stimulates the spinal cord and spinal nerves. It has possible effects on stomach pain, piles back pain, and hip pain even.


Bhujangasana or upward facing dog pose enhances muscle strength. It lowers blood pressure and blood sugar. This asana reduces stress and anxiety, beneficial to back pain. Bhujangasana is extremely good for diabetes as it stimulates the internal organs of the human body to stretch the spine and more importantly it will improve blood circulation.


Vrikshasana makes hormonal secretion of the pancreas, it helps in massaging the internal organs. It will also help to insulin production diabetes.  It enables to stimulates the hormonal secretion of the pancreas. Practicing this yoga asana every day can offer several benefits for both physical and mental health.


Halasana activates the immune system effectively by messaging all the internal organs. More importantly, it improves kidney and liver functioning neatly. It also strengthened the abdominal muscles as well as refreshes our minds and soul. It also stimulates the thyroid glands, parathyroid glands, lungs, and abdominal organs. It proves digestion even and helps to keep the hormonal levels in order.

6.Surya namaskar.

To manage diabetes Surya namaskar or sun salutations are more useful. This posture affects the whole body, it promotes blood flow to the pancreas, which facilitates insulin production in our body. The pancreas is a gland, it produces and releases insulin into the bloodstream of our body and helps the body to control how it uses energy. Pancreas also regulates the body’s glucose levels.

7. Shavasana.

Shavasana or corpse pose is the final step in yoga. Its impacts on lowering blood sugar, blood pressure. It calms our mind and body. Performing this asana at the end on daily basis has been proven to bring peace, relaxation to the body. Shavasana takes the body into a deep meditative state, the body becomes relaxed and rejuvenate.


Yoga is India’s gift to the rest of the world for healthy living. It is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that brings consciousness to the surrounding environment. Today yoga is not only considered spiritual but it is needed to all for healthy living. No doubt at all our lives would be beautiful and healthy if we do practice yogasanas every day. Air, water, and food are the most essential for living, yoga is also one among them.

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Yoga for beautiful glowing skin.

Beautiful skin and beautiful hair is everybody’s dream in our livelihood. So many people are excited about using so many beauty products or beauty treatments for skin rejuvenation. But we don’t know Yoga itself given a solution to dull and unhealthy skin. Yoga has proved beneficial for young-looking skin. Premature wrinkles can start due to stress, unhealthy lifestyles and practices, consumption of alcohol, smoking, and so on. Yoga asanas can help us to achieve good looking smooth glowing skin. But we need to spend some hours doing these asanas. According to Swami Ramdev, “natural ways are the best to get rid of any skin related problems, he further says doing yoga regularly makes 25 years old even at the age of 50. “


It is also known as shoulder stand, it is the most effective yoga asanas for glowing skin. From doing this asana our skin texture and quality by promoting blood circulation towards the face. The common skin problem like pimples, acne, wrinkles, and dullness will disappear by doing this Sarvangasana. Shrinking of skins, wrinkles in the face, aged look, and stiffness are re-freshened and skin begins to shine.


It is an inverted position where the head is on the ground and the feet are up. This asana gives your face a healthy glow by reversing the blood circulation from toe to head. By doing this yoga asana regularly one can keep your skin wrinkle-free.


This forward bending yoga asana helps to promote blood flow to the face. and it is one of the most useful poses for glowing skin. Uttanasana helps to supply to the skin cells but also supplies nutrients that fight the damage caused by free radicals and it encourages skin rejuvenation.


This yoga asana increases blood circulation to the face and head. If the blood circulation goes well to the face, the result is glowing skin. It is considered to achieve healthy and glowing skin naturally, it also helps us to improve the digestive process. So it is essential for glowing healthy skin. this yoga pose is excellent to help you sleep better. The pose allows blood to flow to your face and head, you will get relaxing and allowing your skin to breathe. It’s also a reliever of stress, fatigue, backache, and insomnia.


It also helps to get glowing skin which opens up the lungs, chest, and heart. From doing this asana the oxygen supply to the skin increase and the skin feels refreshed and rejuvenated naturally. The pose refreshes our body as well as stimulates our digestive system, thereby keeping us healthy and productive all day long.


Bhujangasana helps relaxes your mood, it also makes your skin smooth. This asana helps in skin rejuvenation by supplying extra oxygen to the skin cells. opens up chest muscle and improves oxygen flow to the entire body. It helps in releasing tension from the body, detoxifies it while aiding in rejuvenating skin cells. This pose works on your facial muscles and makes them smoother


Along with physical yoga asanas, yoga experts say that pranayamas are the most effective way of keeping the skin young and healthy. Pranayama practices promote proper blood circulation and helpful for glowing skin. at least daily 15 minutes practice of pranayama reduces blood pressure and maintains sugar levels.


Glowing skin further enhances the physical beauty of everyone but getting glowing skin is not that much was easy. With a healthy lifestyle, we can get it. Proper healthy food with regular yoga asanas keeps us always healthier and beautiful. Rome is not built in a day. We need proper dedication from mind and heart to achieve this. Yoga has the solution for all our health problems but when we do it correctly and honestly.

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Basic yoga asanas to your mental calmness and well being.

Yoga is not only a physical activity but also yoga helps for emotional and mental strength to a person. Of course, mental and emotional health is most crucial for well-being. It is not only a physical activity but also a way to learn our mind, soul. Every day simple yoga asanas or pose lead us to emotional happiness and health. We are not supposed to bear our pocket money to get mental strength and calmness. It affects our body, mind, it helps us to cultivate positivity. Without knowing we should adopt a disciplined life. Nowadays almost maximum celebrities, especially the celebrities in the field of film industries they adopt Yoga as their part of their daily practices, just because it not only helps them to lose weight or get in shape, more importantly, Yoga helps to calm your mind, reduces stress levels and increases mindfulness. Mental health is so precious for human beings. Some of the basic yoga asanas that can help to manage mental health and improve to calm your mind.


The tree pose or vrikshasana helps your mind to concentrate on body and mind. It also helps to physical balance.

When you are doing this asana, stand straight with your feet shoulder and hands on your sides. Lift the hands slowly while breathing in, ofter joining your hands on the top of your head. Later lift one leg and place the feet on the knee of the other leg. Do it for ten seconds. Breath out and go back to the initial position.


The child pose or balasana helps us to concentrate better, it relaxes the mind. It helps us to concentrate our attention on our breathing.

When you are doing this asana sit on your knees. In this position, rest your upper body on the thighs. Keep both knees of your feet sticking to each other or at a short distance from each other and keep the waist perfectly straight, take a deep breath and tilt the upper body towards the front. Keep both hands backward and note that your palms keep touching the body. And try that the head touches the ground in front. slowly bring your chest by pressing towards the thighs. Your chest should touch both thighs. Remove the hands from both sides of the body and keep them on the ground while extending forward, palms placed facing down.


This asana is also called a camel pose, it can help in releasing stress and improve blood circulation throughout the body. If the blood circulation goes well, the supply of oxygen will be good, it can heal your mind and body.

Kneel on the floor place your hands on the hips, knees must be in line with your shoulder and the sole of your feet should be facing the upper surface. As you inhale draw your bone towards the pubic arch your back and slide your palms over your feet stay in a couple of breaths. Breath out and slowly come back to the initial pose.


It also says as bridge pose or setu bandhasana. It will improve blood circulation in the body. This asana helps in calming the mind and reduces stress. This asana removes the blockages from the mind and brings peace and calmness. Importantly it Calms the brain, reducing anxiety, stress, and depression.

you should Lie on your back. Fold your knees and keep your feet. Keep your arms beside your body. Inhaling, slowly lift your lower back, middle back, and upper back off the floor; gently roll in the shoulders, touch the chest to the chin without bringing the chin down, supporting your weight with your shoulders, arms, and feet. you could support your back with your palms. breathing easily.


It also called a butterfly pose. From doing this asana our spine erect and it can help in relaxing tension and we get calm inside our body.

Stretch your inner thighs, sit on the floor, straighten your spine with your legs straighten. Bend both the knees to butterfly pose, bring your feet towards the pelvis, and joining them. Holding with your hands, flap your folded legs like a butterfly slowly.


Sit up with the legs stretched out straight in front of you. Breathing in, raise both arms above your head, and stretch up. Breathing out, bend forward from the hip joints, chin moving toward the toes. Place your hands on your legs, wherever they reach, but don’t force. lift your head slightly and lengthen your spine. gently move the navel towards the knees.

This asana helps us to reduce stress and anxiety. It Activates Kundalini Shakti and nadis are also purified.


It is said that it’s a good asana to meditate in. This asana should be done at the end of all asanas. It boosts mental well-being while relaxing the body. Practicing this asana after the completion of every asana to relax body and mind.

You have to lie down on your back, close your eyes, and breathe. You should breathe softly, focussing the attention on your body to calm down.


Everyone needs little calmness and balanced emotional health and mental strength in their daily life. There is no doubt at all Yoga makes us feel happy and calm. The main goal of yoga is to balance of mind and body. Do simple yoga asanas with 15 minutes of meditation and make your life beautiful.

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“Meditation can reduce depression.!”

Depression is a state of mind that is in disorder, a feeling of sadness, and a loss of interest in day-to-day activities. A lot of reasons can cause a state of depression. It is different from men to women, students to teens, children, and others. There are many possible causes sometimes various factors combine in it. But depression is treatable. If we go to doctors, they may prescribe the medications, why should we waste money to take medications?. Meditations can reduce the depression state of every single individual free of cost. As well as stress and anxiety are the major factors of depression and meditation can correct these feelings and their states.

  1. When we meditate our brain return to focus on positive thinking. Meditation makes us feel positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts of stress and anxiety.
  2. Meditation is a method of doing simply as closing our eyes or counting our breath or concentrating or chanting mantras or whatever. This helps to provide some distance from negative thoughts or stressful feelings.

3.Sometimes negative thoughts or feeling that occurs our mind due to work pressure or so many other reasons. Meditation doesn’t push us to negativity. It taught us how to manage depression more effectively. Meditation makes it easier to pay attention to our emotions.

4.Mental and physical stress conditions are more common in todays lifestyle because people use to work more than ten hours a day, which increased levels of the stress hormone, which releases inflammatory chemicals called “cytokines”. Research has shown that meditation may also improve symptoms of stress-related conditions.

5.Depression is a state of mind in that kind of fear that rooted inside us. Meditation will restore and allowing us to see the whole situation as beautiful. It makes the present environment fresh, alive, and beautiful. Simply we can say it gives the mental power to face all these.

6.If we meditate regularly it takes us to aware of our negative thoughts. The meditative mind has the courage to let them go.

7.when we meditate we are in a condition to maintaining a well-balanced state of mind. The experts say regular meditation achieves calmness. So, our mood will always be naturally positive. And positive muscles will always free of tensions, relaxed. Once the day starts with calmness, the whole day will be beautiful.

8.why depression state of mind is most dangerous and not healthy? because it weakens our brain. Regular meditation makes our minds strong. Research states that meditation release chemicals in our brain help the brain feel happy and the body relaxes.

9.A large scale study found that regular meditation decreases developing depression, mood-related disorders. Meditation practices pay the way for positive thinking, improves the overall emotional health of an individual. If we feed our mind with positive thoughts and you will see amazing changes around you.

10.Studies have revealed that mindful meditation practices improving solving the problem, decision-making capabilities, and strategies. Both are very important to professional life. Most of the professional work more than ten hours a day, just imagine how much they might have stress in their work?!.

11.Mindful meditation is a moment to awareness of the present moment, it uses to breathe to keep attention back to the present moment. Studies have shown that mindful meditation may reduce depression as well as anxiety and stress.

12.Mental illness pushed somebody into a state of inactiveness, one can not do works and one can not be happy. Meditation will be helpful to come outside of all these disorders.

13.In present scenarios, the stress levels increasing rapidly and cause youth suicides! in fact, all categories of people also. One can find a way to solve this mental illness through meditation, its simple techniques visualize ourselves above the conflicts, make them think in a wide perspective.

14. How to win anger? Sometimes angriness becomes a great problem, it is another form of anxiety. Meditation has the capacity to become stronger rather than anger, slowly it comes to control.

15′.A sound mind in a sound body’ Health is a great wealth to everyone. Therefore meditation vanishes chronic illness and promotes health by reducing the stress in the mind and body. Problems are the part and parcel of life. whose life goes smooth without these?. Meditation advises for letting them go by easy. It strengthens faith absolutely.

16. A 15 minutes meditation relaxes our body, little relaxation cheer up enthusiasm, slows the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, reduces the breathing rate, so many multiple benefits.


Depression and stress have emerged from the modern lifestyle. Our ancestors gifted us a wonderful gift. It can really change our perspective of life. The great profit of doing meditation is to aware of ourselves, it can help us deal it all common human illusions. Whoever it may be, inner peace is crucial, it is possible through meditation practices. When we are in peace, our life will be beautiful. Stay healthy, Stay strong.

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“Daily Meditation can decrease our aging process.”

Meditation plays a vital role in Spiritual life and healthy life. Meditation is common in many religions. It is a source of bliss one can looking at self, it gives peace, satisfaction. Meditation is an old tradition but still practiced all over the world in all cultures. In another way, it’s not only related to religion but also a method of practicing consciousness, awareness, and inner peace. The main purpose of meditation is to aware of one’s mind and body and to overcome our mental disturbances, negative thoughts, fears, stress, and anxiety.

When does our body look older?

Our DNA is replicative, the cell dies again and again in our bodies. The DNA in our chromosomes is capped at the ends by a protective protein called “Telomeres”. Each time when cells reproduce telomere gets shorter in number. SO in this condition, we look aging. A telomere is the main element of the aging process. But the regular practice of meditation avoids the lesser number of Telomeres.

How is meditation is helpful to slow down the aging process?

So many Researchers report that meditation slows down blood pressure and heart disease risks. Regular meditation techniques can changes our lifestyle also. Another new study report that meditation technique expands Telomerase which may contribute to the cardiovascular and aging benefits. Telomerase is protein caps at the end of each chromosome in our body. During cell division, the chromosomes reproduce a process that shortens the telomeres. When the Telomeres become too short the cell can no longer reproduce. so, this increase s aging in our body. But in regular meditation, the process of Telomeres expression is increased with a reduction in blood pressure. A study found that during meditation Telomeres increases its production. Every day at least 15 minutes of meditation helps us to the production of Telomerase

A study has been published and found that daily prolonged meditation reduced inflammation and stress. As psychological factors contribute to this beneficial effect, meditators are more compassionate in nature. Meditation reduces the speed of hypertension. In today’s modern busy world, one cannot get away from the tension and sadness. It helps to release toxins from our body. So, the result is a stress-free, anxiety-free, tension-free body, and mind. Regular meditation gives us greater energy, enthusiasm, confidence, and so on. The study found that people had adequate telomeres in meditation, which could help protect biological aging.

When we meditate we can take in positive energy and we can release negativity. A team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin Madison and Hardward medical school says that meditation may slow down brain aging. A recent 2020 study published in the journal “Neurocose” reports that daily meditation slows down the brain’s aging process.

what Buddhist monk says about meditation?.

“One of the Buddhist monks says that from doing meditation one can look 41 years old brain actually resembles that of 33 years old.” Due to stress, the telomeres become down, meditation may help to slow down this process of telomeres decline. More importantly one can attain loving, kindness, compassion. Everyone wants to be youthful and beautiful in every situation despite the fact that aging is a natural cycle. Consuming alcohol, smoking there are all negative effects in Telomeres. Meditation practice increases telomeres activity in blood cells. as meditation reduces stress and decreases negative thoughts.


However “health is wealth“. Health is very important if we want to live a good life. These valuable rituals are good for our good physical and mental health. No doubt our lives will be beautiful if we incorporate these into our lives. It’s a way of a good life!

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YOGA – Way to a Good Life.

India has seen so many Seers, Sages, Spiritual leaders, Scientists before. They are all contributed several knowledge to the world. It might be a zero, the Decimal system, Binary numbers, A theory of atom, Plastic surgery, Ayurveda and so on. Likewise another important contribution of India to the world is”Yoga”. Yoga is nothing but India, India is nothing but Yoga. India’ s culture, tradition ,health,spirituality and art has mainly influenced “Yoga”.


Yoga is a practice was existed in ancient period of India. So many witness has proved that, this practice was existed. Among that,” Rigveda” is one of the oldest Hindu script, it mentioned the word “Yoga” during those days. History says during “Indus valley civilization” the practice of yoga was came to known.

Lets understand what is yoga?. According to Bhagavat Gita,”yoga is said to be equanimity,its a skill in action, separation from contact with suffering.

Why we should do Yoga?

The very ultimate goal of yoga is liberation, the state of “samadhi. In that state of “samadhi” one can feel purity of peacefulness, awareness,happiness and knowledge and so on.

Yoga is not only a action but also its a way to learn our Mind,Soul and our Spirituality. It leads us to happy and healthy. When a person is started yoga means he has to concentrate his mind and body through Meditation. As a result of that one can be strengthened physically and mentally. Daily practise of yogasanas has multi benefits such as the Nervous system of human body purified. where as our mind and body keeps calm and peaceful. No doubt indian yoga represents indian culture and heritage. The main aim and goal of yoga is betterment of body and soul.

Scientifically Is It proved?

Yes, many scientific research says and explains how yoga and praanayam prevents so many diseases and help to recover. Many doctors said yoga improves the flexibility in muscles and connective tissue,muscle strength also increases from so many Aasanas, it prevents cartilage and joint breaks down. It nourishes our spinal card,regulates adrenal glands, lowers blood sugar. Totally from doing yoga one can be very happier and healthier.


Everybody can do yoga,its a greatest contribution to the whole world. Pleasure to say their are so many yoga centers has existed in different parts of the world in order to shedding the significance of yoga. Because, present world is suffering from horror. Viral diseases are spreading, and other factors causes unhappiness. But yoga given solutions to all these problems. That s why westerns recognized its benefits and importance and adopting yoga as their daily routine. So, let us all find out the outstanding uses of this ancient India’ s science.


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Meditation – The foundation of inner peace.

Before we start ‘ yogasanas’ its essential to do this ritual Meditation. Its a practice or technique to focus and concentrate our mind on a particular object or thing. In this ritual we need to achieve mental and emotional calmness and to fix our mind and soul on a single object. Yoga expert says, “Ten minutes meditation is equal to six hours sleep”. The pulses and all glands are functioning in a systematic manner. The body becomes lightly active. In this method one can be get enlightenment and self realization. Meditation comes down the natural human stress, anxiety, depression and pain. If a person is doing meditation everyday means, he is getting inner peace, inner health and calmness.


A person can meditate twenty minutes per day or one can be meditate at least eight minutes per day. But some experts meditate more than one hour.

As i said above meditation is a process helps to increase our awareness and our surroundings. In personal life self awareness is important to get success. what we are?, How we are?, in fact for all these questions meditation gives the answers. It is a mesmerizing technique to aware and to open our inner eyes. When we open our inner eyes, the whole world looks beautiful.

Than the question arises, why since long time people have been using this religious habits?. Absolutely their is a strong reason behind it. Meditation has multi benefits. Among that, it reduces Stress. Its common in everybody ‘s personal or professional life. Due to this problem one can not sleep well,talk well, work well. Finally it causes depression and anxiety. Again it causes increase in blood pressure. If a person is facing all these obstacles in life means he lost his happiness. So, many research has shown meditation decreases stress level. Since ten years i have been practicing this ritual to keep my mind and soul stress free. Morning meditation helps me to feel positive thinking, discipline, a kind of inner happiness the whole day.


Life is not a bed of beautiful Roses, some time life brings little anxiety in our home or office or society. A kind of unpreventable pain that occurs. Meditation helps to control anxiety. When i was working, some circumstances has pushed me to anxiety, it was inexpressible. I couldn’t talk normally with friends, colleagues ,parents. But when i started meditation daily i came out little bit from all these problems.

Man is emotional animal. Off course emotional health will be balanced by meditation.

The problem of attention in work is everywhere. Meditation itself is a technique to concentrate on one thing. It helps us to increase our attention, even 8 minutes meditation is enough to get this power.

Most of the people irrespective of men and women struggle this problem of sleeplessness. Our fear, anxiety, some emotional imbalance may caused this. Before we go to sleep if we do it, it relaxes our body and mind. Meditation push all our tensions, pains from our body. we get sleep at the end.

Special tips for women: where their is a stability in emotional and mental health, we feel calmness,cheer,peace inside our heart. we will become healthy. Woman should be beautiful internally. Beauty is not only a outward appearances, its a inner health that enhances our outward Beauty. It keeps us strong and confidant.

Process of doing meditation ; Its not a big set we need to create. so simple sit in a quite place , sit in padmasana with closed eyes. we should sit backwards as much as possible. Let the neck be straight. Let the sight be above the nose and began the practice of meditation.. Do it everyday or evening is the better. The mesmerizing benefits we feel, the feelings of calm,peace,strong , happy. The invisible benefits not available in shops for money. Do it and feel it.

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Pranayaam – Knowing the Divinity….

Indian Hindu ancient Texts gives us a wonderful gifts. In our Indian culture every action is significant and at the end, the ultimate goal is to see the supreme Lord. There is no doubt that our lives would be beautiful if we adopted the knowledge that the ancient Texts told us.

“Pranayaama” occupies a very important place in Indian religion. Every people irrespective of men and women have been doing this ritual since long time.

what is pranayaam?

‘Prana’ is the basis of a man’s body. Without prana one can not live or we are equal to a dead body. So, prana is a ‘force’, its a ‘energy’ keeping it in balance and healthy. Pranayaam is one of the yoga on ‘prana’ or ‘breath’. Therefore its a yoga breathing exercises. Breathing exercises like inhaleand exhale are the core aspects of pranayaam yoga practice.


Pranayaam is not a present ritual. It has been developed by ancient sages of India 6000 years ago. For the first time’ Atharvaveda’ is the ancient vedic text states that prana is the fundamental basis of human life. Like that there are many references has shown, among that ‘ The Brihadaranyaka Upanishads’,’ The Maithrayaniya Upanishads’, ‘The Bhagavat Gita’ and ‘Patanjali’s yoga sutras’. These are all the Texts put a mirror pranayaam has existed very long before.


How to do pranayaam in simple way for daily benefit?

In a first level pranayaam means taking control of breath.

1.On the floor with a smooth mat we should sit in padmasana or siddasana or vajrasana position.

2.First method must be we should memorized our Guru’s

3.Then exhale should be expelled completely both the nasals.After exhaling the breath through the exhaust inside the entire abdominal muscles.

4.While exhaling the breath, feelings of sickness, sin and ignorance are out of breath. while inhaling we should consume the infinite power of creation.

5. While doing it we should be surrender by the bottom of heart to the supreme Lord. The neck, back and hips should be stright and legs should be fully ground.

6. Stomach and chest should be compressed. The mind must be as pure as crystal.

7. Breath as much as possible. Daily do this up to 10 to 15 minutes.


There are hundreds of different kinds of pranayaam but any method for the body wellness can be practiced.

Super benefits of it.!

The stress,anxiety,tension and few diseases are great obstacles in human life surprisingly breathing techniques give solutions for all these in certain level.

Remember, its not only a breathing practice but its a tool to understand ourselves means self realization Realizing our inner self .Am very happy to say its a path to aware the divinity in our body.

The constant practice of pranayaam leads us to immortality. Gives energy to mind and all glands of our body. Whatever it may be, but i believed strongly pranayaam does the job of knowing God or enlightenment.

In my next article i will describe, the described pranayaam types.

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