Michael Jackson is a pop music wizard. – A musician that millions of people worship.

Michael Jackson was the king of pop, a legend was the most recognized figure in the pop music of the ’80s and ’90s. One of the most famous artists over the last two decades in pop music. He was famous for his confidence, unique style, and vibrant personality. From his famous dance shows, he was influenced by numerous artists from various countries. He had billions of fans all across the world. His unique style made it impossible for anybody not to tap their feet. Still, he continues to influence some of the great musicians of all times. The king of pop is considered one of the greatest entertainers in the history of world music. He still remained in the hearts of billions of people. Michel was an innovator in every sense of the world from his music, lyrics, dance moves to his fashion sense. He was the creator of the legendary Moonwalk, the classic fedora his use of military jackets, his sparkly gloves, and multi-colored looks make him remember till today. He was the very first pop star to define what it meant to be a fashion pioneer. From his own style, the music he made the entire world dance to his music. He was the wizard who makes people enjoy their music and dance.


Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana, United States. From his fathers’ encouragement, Jackson’s career in music began at the age of 5. His father Joseph Jackson had been a guitarist who put aside his musical aspirations to provide his family as a crane operator. By the age of 11, Jackson was appearing on TV and by the age of 14, he had released his first solo album. From his birth, he was a multi-talented person with a lot of skills. By the late 1970s with the help of a music producer, he produced a solo album ” OFF THE WALL”, which was a great success selling over 20 million copies. Fortunately second solo album “ THE THRILLER he gained the position as the most famous pop singer in the world. From there he never looked back. He ruled the whole pop world of music. He made the world look at him. In march 1983 Michael Jackson performed live on Motown 25, “Yesterday, Today, Forever” a TV special. He performed his distinctive and memorable dance move – The Moonwalk. This performance made him literally a global icon of not just music but dance even.


In his entire lifetime, Michael Jackson expressed his views, care about various global issues by his hitting words in his songs. His album songs say earth’s plight highlighting the climatic condition. As well as when he paved the criticism about his skin color he highlighted the issues of racial inequality in his songs that exist in the world. “Did you ever stop to notice. All the blood we have shed before. Did you ever stop to notice”.” This crying earth, these weeping shores”. Difficulty to believe the racism that exists in society, ever Michael Jackson faced it. So, he addressed inequality with his songs.

I took my baby on a Saturday bang
Boy is that girl with you
Yes we’re one and the same

Now I believe in miracles
And a miracle has happened tonight

Maximum Jackson’s videos and songs are extremely Iconic because these incorporating how the world is.!. Michel Jackson left the heritage and incredible story. One way or the other ways Michel Jackson’s lyrics tell the hard story of the world.


“The Thriller” singer is said to have been a millionaire, who lived like a billionaire but he actually died millions of dollars in debt. During his lifetime, Jackson earned about $500 million from his own music, concert videos. Even after his death, Jackson has remained one of the most popular and profitable celebrities in the world. The copyright value of his own songs was estimated to be worth $100 million. He spent between $30 and $50 million per year on his lifetime alone. He purchased $17 million” Neverland Ranch“. Whatever we earned in our lifetime, but nothing left with us, only our memories, achievements, and good works will forever even though he had a dream of being live 150 years. Even though he had all advanced availabilities he had died at the age of 50. Jackson might have died but his music and albums still live, still, his albums make us to dance as mad. No matter how great a man may be, he must bow before fate. . It’s true that “Money doesn’t give comfort|”. According to ‘Fobes'” Michel Jackson made $75 million in 2017, enough to make him the world’s highest-earning dead celebrity.”


Jackson may not be among us but we listen to him on his music. If we look at the history book in future days his name will be eternal. Such is his personality. Nevertheless, it is no lie that the whole world has been charmed by his pop music. He will be in our minds ever.

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Rabindranath Tagore – The proud son of India.

Rabindranath Tagore was the greatest modern writer of India. He was recognized as one of the greatest poets and writers of all ages. Rabindranath Tagore is popularly known as “Gurudeva”. He was a great poet, patriot, humanist, painter, novelist, philosopher, and educationalist. If we open modern Indian history, the name Rabindranath Tagore will hear forever. He was a great nationalist but his patriotism merged into internationalism. He was an orator who received worldwide familiarity. He always loved peace. He had a great passion for initiating people into education and development. That is the reason Tagore stands differently.



He was a son of a religious reformer, Debendranatha Tagore. Born on 7 th of May 1861 into an aristocratic family in Calcutta. His parents had 14 children. Rabindranath grew up in a sprawling family. He was brought up in an atmosphere of culture-active social life and nationalism. He studied science, Sanskrit, English, Bengali, literature, painting, and music. He was also an expert in wrestling and gymnastics. At the time he was eight years old he written poems. He went to England to study law there but he was unable to study there and returned to India. In 1883 he was married to Mrinalini Devi.


Tagore founded Shantiniketan in 1902 where he sought to blend the best in Indian and western tradition. From 1912 onwards Tagore spent long periods out of India. He was giving lecturing and reading from his work in Europe, America, and East Asia. Gurudeva excellently shaped Indian literature, Bengali literature, art, Indian philosophy in modern times. Through his literary works, he elevating the region’s literature to be comparable with other literature on the rest of the world. Not only the literature but also in order to increase world appreciation of Indian music, he cultivated a wide acquaintance with leading political and cultural institutions all over the world. Tagore died in 1914. His last wish was that his sitar is cremated with him at his funeral. He became the first Asian writer awarded the Nobel prize in 1913 for his literary works Gitanjali.



All the literary works of Sri Rabindranath Tagore’s like short stories, poems, novels depict all the human emotions in-depth and as a psychiatrist. His philosophy truly meant to love, morality, art, humanity. If we read some of the stories of him our heart melts, feels kindness, love, and regards. Tagore was a profound thinker, a political thinker, religious humanist, and a teacher. He raised many questions and ideas about the nature of reality, morality and art, the nature of power and nationalism. Rabindranath Tagore was a great poet of love and affection. In most of his poems, the beauty of love and its different forms, all poems dealt with love and humanity. , love for nature, love for god, etc. Tagore says that true love and union are possible only in simplicity. Tagore’s Kabuliwala is the heart-rending childhood tale of innocence, love & fate. Kabuliwala perfectly captures the essence of a wonderful friendship that builds against the backdrop of hardship, our heart melts when we read this short story.


He believed in universal love and humanity. He was a true Indian, a true citizen of the world of all ages All his literary works, music, painting recognized all across the world. He was an indisputable humanist-inspired generation of intellectuals irrespective of their religion, race, language, and also the barriers as state and nations. His idea of humanism goes beyond any boundaries and seeks at a large common place where humanity comes before any other kind of identity. He renounced the knighthood in protest against the Jallianwallah Bagh Massacre during the freedom struggle. His foreign tour and lectures raised funds for establishing The Vishwa Bharathi University. This great Indian is a universal human being.


Sometimes we can not read the literary works of a writer but we are lucky to see the films. Tagore’s stories, novels, and poems have inspired filmmakers right from the early days of cinema in India. Nearly 100 films in different languages became films based on his short stories and novels. Those depict the human relations, emotions and love have inspired a number of renowned filmmakers including Sathyajith Ray. Sathyajith Ray’s “Charulatha” is the heartbreaking tale of a lonely housewife who finds love again in an enthusiastic and intellectually charged cousin of her husband. His own composed songs have been inspired by many popular Hindi films songs.


Rabindranath Tagore is the most important poet of this century, a versatile genius. Deep love and respect for nature are expressed in his literature. His biggest contribution to the world is the Vishwa Bharati University, which he founded. Two national anthems composed by Ravindra have gained national recognition. He was not only a poet but a master of forethought. Many of the films that made his novel, short stories, can be seen on Netflix. There are subtle sensations in their stories. There are humanistic values, feelings. He is credited with introducing Indian culture to the rest of the world. He is the proud son of India. Man can earn anything in life. But more than that for the country, uplifting the greatness of the country is an incredible achievement.

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Poverty conveys the meaning of real Life. Subhashini Mistry is a living example.

The lesson that poverty teaches us is always great. Life is a book and only a lesson to Subhashini Mistry. Life is just an exercise to Subhashini Mistry. Born in a poor family. She married at the age of 12, unfortunately, she lost her husband at the same age, leaving her to look after four children. After that “Life was not a bed of Roses” because they were poor, getting bread and butter and living a future life was very difficult. But the lesson of poverty teaches everything. However, the exercise of neediness instructs everything. There must be a life force.



She was born and lives in a village called Hanspukur in the city of Kolkotta. Her father was a farmer who owned a tiny patch of land. She had 14 siblings but her father was unable to feed his all children. Subhashini was married to Sadhanchandra Mistry, an agricultural worker, he was working on a small form on a daily basis. Sometimes misfortune struck again and again to someone’s life. Her husband fell ill that they had no money in the home to take him to the hospital. Since they had no money, her husband was not treated well in a hospital, he died of dehydration. She became a widow at the age of 23. She was poor, illiterate with four small children. When a stone is struck repeatedly it becomes an idol. She struggled hard to meet her bread and butter. She started working as a maidservant in so many houses and later she found a better way to lead a life and uplift her hungry children. She started to sold vegetables and earning 500 rs month and educate her children.



Nothing is needed to help others. Education, high profile, money, family background, or whatever. All that is needed is humanity, compassion, mental strength, and a kind mind that goes beyond any selfish motives. Subhashini Mistry saved 20.000 RS and educated all her children to become doctors with the help of philanthropists, she bought an acre of land with the amount saved. She built the hospital. Although initially small, the hospital began treating patients. The hospital is named “Humanity Hospital”.It is over three acres and has the best doctors and all medical equipment. Major surgeries for the poor are treated for just under 5000 RS and minor illnesses under the RS 10. Subhashini’s son is taking responsibility and governance. One of her daughters works as a nurse at the same hospital.


This pious lady subhashini gave everything to society. Especially to the poor. Without expecting any fame, publicity. The countries most civilian award, “The Padma Shri” award, recognize the highest contribution by the citizens towards the nation. She won the award in 2018, is a living example that everyone can do anything in their life. Today Humanity Multispeciality Hospital is a busy Hospital. It has 45 beds and 10 bedded ICU spread across 12 departments.


Poverty and hunger teach a lesson that no university in the world teaches. Man must grow up and be aware of life’s hardships. The days we experience may make us yearn to do something. . As a rule of the universe, the one who grieved today will be happy tomorrow but we must have courage, willpower, and strength as Mrs. Subhashini Mistry’s lives, ideal lives.

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These qualities are essential for people to like us.

Every human being is different in this world. The way of thinking is different from one person to another. because everyone has a different personality, so it is hard to be loved by all. Some people like us, some people not like us. In fact, it is natural but some people are getting attracted and win the heart of others in a first meet. Human beings are social beings, we can not live alone, connecting new people with inspiring personality it’s difficult and challenging, but nothing is impossible. There is a need for a few physical personal attributes to shape our personality. These are all cost-free and so simple, one should be interested in applying them in their life. Our personality both inner and outer looks so beautiful if we have adapted these wonderful characteristics.


A smile can win many people’s hearts. A smile is a tool for winning the enemy in front of you. You might have seen that the most-liked people are those who filled with laugher. It’s very nice to attract people when we showed a smile and make others inspire A sense of humor is a more valuable thing to get and win the hearts of the surroundings. Charlie Chaplin, a great comedian in the world who won the hearts of millions because of his sense of humor, body language. A smile can create an environment of happiest and trust. A face with a beautiful smile makes you more attractive to others, especially when you meet unknown people for the first time.


When someone comes to meet you or approach you for the first time, spend little time likely. When you give time to someone, you are giving the best thing of your life. Some time the valuable gift weighs less, the best time we spend with others weighs much. Whatever the busy schedule the precious time we give to others will remember forever by them.


Every man is equal in the eyes of God, why should he separate people in the matter of caste, creed, religion, rich and poor. It is necessary to respect every living being. Everyone has their own purpose for taking birth. He or she only respects us when we honor someone else. We always remember the honor we give at the first visit and others love this quality.


The key success of being loved by others is a helpful nature. When our friend or surrounding one is in trouble, there is a need for help for the needy. Consider their problem like yours. Helping one another with selflessness is appreciatable and we loved by others with this helping nature. Doing our best to help someone else will increase fellow beings’ love towards us.


The quality of kindness brings the people together. Showing kindness to people or showing kindness to the goodness of fellow beings shapes your personality. A kind word, a smile opens the heart of fellow beings towards us. Kindness is a love made visible. Caring for others, doing good things for the betterment of their lives. One can expect the result or one can not expect the result. It helps to build good relations.


It sounds very beautiful when we call our fellow being’s good name. When we meet the people for the first time ask for their name and remember them. Next time when we meet the same person, called by their names. It creates a comfort zone level and relations become lovely. By remembering and calling a person’s name, that person have good feelings about you and respect you, that person feels an impression of you.


When we give up our ego we can praise and show compliments to others when they exhibit good works. But Ego is an enemy that keeps you out of touch the fellow beings. An egoist mind can not praises and compliment others’ good works. Therefore when your fellow beings doing good deeds, praise them, and give compliments to them.


A mind of positive thinking can change anything in your entire life. It will affect others. Therefore we should be surrounded by positive thinking, people like to be with a person having positivity. No matter how hard people around us are but hardship is not permanent, the mind realizing this is only possible for those with Positive Thinking. People put trust in the positive minds of people. A positive mind simply fills the happiness in the room, they can have the ability to get rid of the negativity of the opposite person. Of course, this personality attracts others.


We can meet a number of people in a day or in our workplace, irrespective of caste, creed, religion. we need to friendly with all when the time comes to show our appreciation and gratitude for each and everyone’s goodness. In the end, nothing matters like profile, money, status, whatever a friendly simple nature attracts and wins the heart of others.


William Shakespeare says”Listen to many, speaks to few.”It’s the greatest honor we give them that when we listen to others completely. When we concentrate on other’s speaking words, the person feels good. They may value you. It is said that a good listener always comes across as a wise person. It leads to a meaningful relationship. When we listen to others completely we understand a person and his situation in a better way. It is a simple way to strengthen the relationship and shape the relationship

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“10 lessons of Buddha that will help you succeed in life.”

Gautama Buddha was a sage and inspired millions of people all around the world today. Buddha’s teaching might be old but still relevant to our lives and it will be always kept alive. The word ‘Budha’ means ‘the enlightened one or the awakened one. His teachings are all universal. His teachings awaken the dark eyes.

1 .Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”

Life is not given the same question to paper to all the people. Everybody in this world has facing different question papers. If we follow or copy other answers we will fail the exam. That means we should discovering our passion for our life purpose. First, we have to understand the meaning of our lives and the need to balance. We have the ability to decide by respecting our ideas and values.

2.  “There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.”

The goal in life is very important, it can be difficult for us to reach, there are many obstacles to reach but it is a part of life. Success depends on the money we earn. Ultimately our happiness and fulfillment will be important.

3 .” A jug fills drop by drop.”

In the initial stage, we need to take small steps, not the big ones. Generally, we feel it is very small but it leads to taking a big in the future. If we take small steps with big thoughts and work hard, finally we make it happen.

4. “To be idle is a short road to death and to be diligent is a way of life; foolish people are idle, wise people are diligent.”

It is a universal truth that life is not a bed of Beautiful roses. Likewise, success does not come from lazzyness or sitting in a chair. For getting success one has to sacrifice little things. Hard works don’t fail.

5. We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.”

A sound mind in a sound body. positive thinking can do anything in life. Positive thoughts and ideas shape our life beautiful. Definitely what we think we become. Strong positive thoughts and hard works build our beautiful inspirational life. when the mind is positive, joy follows like a shadow, that never leaves us.

6. “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

Past is past, just learn from the good things from the past. We can not bring back those beautiful or worst days. Whereas if we look too far about the future, it’s just merely imagination, nothing else. Don’t know the future will be there or not?. But the reality is what we are today. Here we have to develop or focus our attention.

7. “Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind.”

One should not reject what one has received, or envy the other. If one person is jealous of another, the result is zero. We cannot earn anything by envy. This jealousy takes us to a state of despair.

8. “An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.”

Do away from negative thinking friends. In fact, the negativity pushed us down in steps of our life. The right friends are those who encourage and motivate in every step both the happiness and difficulties.

9. “Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.”

Success is not just about money, status, recognition, awards, and so on. But we also need to find spiritual practices because it is more important to balance life, which increases our chances of sustainability. Some spiritual practices make us happy because there is no belief that physical things provide comfort.

10. “It is better to travel well than to arrive.”

Life is just a journey. we are a traveler and we have co-traveler also. when they get their bus stop they get down, we may continue. As it is a journey we must travel in a better way and enjoy the journey of life.

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“At 97, Karthyayani Amma clears class 4” – Never stops learning, because life never stops teaching.

Learning does not end when we complete academic degrees. It’s a continuous process that starts from our birth and it comes to the end at last breath. More over learning is not only a thing that we learn in classrooms but also lifelong learning is about enriching our minds, refresh our skills, and changing to see the world around us. At age of 97, Kerala’s Karthyayani Amma is a Commonwealth of Learning Goodwell Ambassador. Her learning and methods are found in the Commonwealth of Learning Member States worldwide. This is proof that there is no age gap or limit for those who are interested in learning.


Commonwealth of Learning is a Canadian inter-governmental organization. It aims to promote its 5 countries. The Vice-President of the organization had met Amma. Previously, she had not had a chance to go to school. The test was administered by the Kerala State Literacy Mission Authority. she scored 38 out of 40 for writing, 28 on 30 for mathematics. And 30 out of 30 for her reading test. At this age, she has achieved her educational qualifications with her full strength and hard work. It is a celebration of inspiration for people of all classes. Her achievement is inspired to all young people.

The Kerala State Literacy Mission conducts various levels of testing for people who cannot afford schooling at the right time. when the Literacy mission teacher came to collect data about illiterates, at that time she expressed her willingness and urge to learn. Karthyayini Amma enrolled in the literacy mission, she passed the literacy mission course which is equivalent to 10 the class informal education. She is now learning English.


During those days school education was a dream to her. She dropped her school at the age of 12. she was married at 13. Amma’s life was not a Bed of Roses. Although a mother of six children. Widowed at an early age. In addition, she had the biggest responsibility for raising children. After the death of her husband in order to bring her children, she worked as a helper at temples – washing vessels and sweeping. If we determine to reach goals, nothing is an obstacle. Her enthusiasm inspired all youngsters as well as old people. She has an interest in computer learning, whenever she sees his grandson.


98-year-old Karthyayani Amma, a native of Alappuzha, received the Union government’s Nari Shakti Puraskar, a national award to recognize exceptional work for women empowerment for the year 2019 in Delhi on Women’s day. She was awarded by the President of India Mr. Ramanath kovind. When she is interacting with the prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi, she expressed her desire to study further. Karthyayani Amma had scored the first rank in the ‘Akshara-laksham’ equivalency exam organized by Kerala State Literacy Mission Authority., After clearing the Class 4 and Class 8 equivalency exam, is all set to give her class 10. In the initial stage, her grandchildren and daughter helped her to read but later once she learned Malayalam she started reading and writing without the help of others.


She had not gone to the hospital once and had not taken a single tablet once. She doesn’t use even a reading glass. She washes her own clothes. and cleaned the courtyard of her home every day. Self motive and healthiness make her gain something in her life. It’s from her deep spirit of learning, she is recognized by the Commonwealth of learning. She gets up at 6 am in the morning and have black coffee. Her disciplined life and zeal for learning have inspired everyone. Even Literacy Mission officials are happier with Karthyayani Amma’s passion for learning at her old age. We could complete the academic studies but the learning doesn’t complete ever. Life is full of learning.


Learning is not restricted to classrooms or university or whatever. It’s a practice, part, and parcel of our daily life. Learning keeps us more updated in changing the world. Never stops learning because life never stops teaching us. . But there must be a learning mind and willingness as Karthyayini Amma has. The facts we learned in every situation of life will never be void. We need to transform ourselves into new knowledge in these rapidly changing circumstances.

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Ratan Tata – “pride of India”.

The TATA group is one of the largest companies in the world. Mr. Ratan Tata is the chairman of the Tata group of companies. He is a world-known Indian industrialist. why Mr. Ratan Tata is stood differently from others?. Because he is known for his corporate ethics. He is not only an industrialist but also a philanthropist. During Mr. Ratan Tata’s tenure Tata steel, Tata consultancy services, Tata Motors, Tata tea, Indian five-star hotels, and many more became renowned.


Mr. Ratan Tata was born on 28 Dec. 1937 into an old Parsi family of Bombay. He is the great-grandson of Jamsetji Tata, founder of Tata Group. He was born in a rich family but his childhood was troublesome. Therefore he raised by his grandmother. He learned all human values from his grandmother. Mr. Ratan Tata received a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from American Cornell University in 1962. In the same year, he entered the family business. Before that he worked for a while in Los Angeles and California. After returning to India, he worked for a prestigious Tata firm and rose to prominence.



Tata group is the world’s largest enterprise. Tata is running all business except Alcohol and cigarettes, from the automobile industry to the steel industry, Tea to Salt, and Five-star hotels. Recently Tata motors supply 600 MADE IN INDIA military truck to Thailand Army. In every step of his business, Ratan Tata shows the role of business ethics in Growth. All this is possible, from the immense love and concern he has for the country.


His desire to provide a domestic car in India to consumers for a lower price. This is a very rare concern for a great businessman. The Tata trust is at the forefront of any kind of social assistance charity. Tata memorial hospital has been built for cancer patients by Tata. 60% of Ratan Tata’s wealth goes back to people in the form of Education, Medicine, and Rural development. He is so humble and down to earth personality. When speaking to the Stanford Social Innovation Review about his goals for the trusts he remembers his past emotions,” Working on the shop floor as a young man, I saw the misery and hardship of the less fortunate and thought about how one makes a difference to improve lives. I continued to see hardships and had more opportunity to do something.” It is admirable that the Tata trust under the leadership of Mr. Ratan Tata is doing many innovative social services with this spirit. He always called upon Youngsters not to lose hope when they face failures.



Mr. Ratan Tata donated 500 crores to the corona fight. corona infections were on the extreme level in Mumbai, Tata group has come forward in their support. They opened their Five-star luxury hotels to the people who truly deserve it during the COVID-19 situation, which is another philanthropist facet of Mr. Ratan Tata.


Mr. Ratan Tata is not in this position despite having a hundred crores of dollars. This is because they put their 60% of shares into a charitable trust. His wish is to erase the gap between the rich and the poor. This is truly an inspiring personality. It is not for his own benefit to do business, but for the welfare of the society, the downtrodden for the colleagues mainly for the shareholders.


“If you want to walk fast, walk alone. but if you want to walk far walk together”.

How strange it is, we wish to wear high brands but we feel most comfortable in pajamas. we wish to sit in Taj and Marriot with elite people, but we enjoy roadside tea with friends and people we love.

we wish to own big cars and go on long drives,

yet we walk heart out only while walking down long road.

we have 64 GB iPods with songs but sometimes a song on the radio brings a smile that can’t be compared.”


A simple life is another form of Ratan Tata’s personality. Tata’s life inspires us. He is ideal for all the accomplished young people.

























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“Extraordinary Indian…”

Saalumarada Thimmakkka’s life is a Legend, all of us are proud of her. It is an unprecedented service that has made her name worldwide. In her eight years, she has planted and nurtured approximately 8,000 trees. Indeed her achievement is commendable. It is not an easy task to plant and grow 8,000 plants. It requires temperament, dedication above all we must love the work we do. All these were in Ms. Thimmakka”s dictionary. In recognition of her unprecedented service, the Government of India awarded her the highest civilian award ” Padmashri”


Ms. Thimmakka was born in a small village called Hulikal, Magadi Taluk, Ramanagara Dist., Karnataka state, in a poor family. She has faced all sorts of struggles in her younger age. She has never climbed the school stairs, never got that chance!. But her lack of education did not diminish her achievement. In 1928 she got married to Bikkala Chikkayya. Unfortunately, they do not have children for many years. To make up for the shortage of children, the couple began planting banyan trees.

They were brought up and nurtured as their children. How tender-hearted they must be to love their plants like their children with selflessness!!!. Every day they watered the plants, completing their daily household chores. This was their life. They were making a thorny fence to protect the plants from animals. All these scenarios show her love and concern for Nature. Ms. Thimmakka did not her sociopathic work even after the death of her husband. Without children the same passion and love she planted the trees. She is not limited to planting trees later she involved in a number of Ecological social works.


She is all the forefront of all fight against environmental destruction. As Ms. Thimmakka says, “Respect the Environment and everyone wants a plant in their life.” There are many climatic anomalies and forest destruction in the world today. Many environmentalists talk about these. She is a Role modal to them. She is Ideal for all of us. She is the Best Inspiration to all. She is the best example of all that you can achieve without a formal education. Saalumarada Thimmakka is the answer to what an uneducated woman can not do!!!!!.


Nature has been worshipped by ancient Indian culture or people. Ours is a culture of divinity found in Nature. Ms. Thimmakka has been engaged in the worship of Nature all her Life. Let her and her family always be happy. ” If we do a little of what she did, we can probably reduce todays Natural anomalies”……..

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