Beautiful sparrows – Early mates of human beings, now your chirping is not listening!


Sparrows were always our favorite. Our childhood memories are with sparrows. Their beauty touches our heart, they always attract our mind and soul so easily. Ours is an innate relationship with sparrows. Their relationship with our childhood innocence was as sweet as Jaggery. From sparrow, chirping is what we get up on the couch in the morning. This little bird to behold is fascinating to the eyes to see. Watching the sparrows at home was a great experience. The water bath of sparrows was thrilling. The desire to be touched but not touched. It was a wonder to see their nests on the roof of the house. These sparrows were our friends. Our childhood memories with sparrows are unforgettable. where’re the sparrows now?


Sparrows are the oldest companion of human beings. Sparrows have been a companion of man for ten thousand years. Sparrows have grown up in addition to human civilization. People were co-existing with animals and birds. Birds are important members of the Ecosystem. The role of sparrows in environmental balance is significant. They eat harmful insects that come to farm crops. Sparrows usually eat grains, seeds, and small insects. They prefer eating on grounds, near trees, shrubs. Each animal and bird has its own significance on this planet Earth.


The history of many countries of the world ranging from Greek and Roman poets to Shakespeare’s works is said to be about the sparrow. There are sparrows in Indian folklore. Hindi poet Premchand wrote stories to children about sparrows. In Greek mythology, the sparrow is viewed as a Sacred bird. According to ancient Egyptians, the sparrow would catch the soul of the recently deceased and carry them to heaven. In Chinese culture, the sparrow is an auspicious symbol of happiness. While in Indonesian lore sparrow signifies birth, marriage, rain.


1. Modern homes and buildings.

The changing lifestyle in cities has led to the death of sparrows. Previously they lived a comfortable life on the roof of our house. Now the concrete buildings are not good to them. They need a roof of the homes, but no roof, no space to build nests, no small trees, no shrubs. With a change in architecture, sparrows lost their habitats.

2.Lack of grains.

Today we buy in the Malls of packed grains and food. There is no such thing as buying sacks in plains. Sparrows prefer eating on grounds, near trees and shrubs. Unfortunately, all these open ground shrubs and small trees are replaced by big buildings, bazaars.

3.Mobile Radiations.

Scientists say that the electromagnetic radiations emitted by mobile towers eliminates these. Which affects the nervous system and immune system of sparrows. Studies indicate that exposer to radiations from cell phone towers reduces the reproductive capacity of birds.

4. Overuse of pesticides.

Food for their babies is poisonous because of excessive spraying of pesticides on farm crops in the villages. Farmers are using chemical fertilizers for their agricultural produce, this causes for ruining the food of sparrows.


Sparrows have been found in human habitations ever since. It is tedious to say that the sparrows are absent from vehicles and pollutants in the cities because they are small and sensitive. Do not know how many other birds and animals move to the brink of extinction if the situation continues. Our life without birds is never beautiful, our lives are barren. It’s impossible to imagine what life without birds would be like!. Can you imagine a world without beautiful birds?

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