“The best way to reduce global warming is to plant more trees.”


The year 2020 is set to be among the three warmest on record according to the latest state of the global climate provisional report by the World Meteorological organization on Dec. 1, 2020. Climate change continued its relentless march in 2020, which is on track to be one of the three warmest years on record. 2011-2020 will be the warmest decade on record, with the warmest six years all being since 2015, according to the World Meteorological Organization. Scientists agree that global warming is caused mainly by human activity. Specifically, the evidence shows that certain heat-trapping gases, such as carbon dioxide, are warming the world—and that we release those gases when we burn fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas. Since 1880 the earth’s average surface temperature has risen by 0.07 c ( 0.13 F) every decade. Therefore as a result of heavy heat at home, office surrounding environment, it’s impossible to survive without the table fan, ceiling fan, air conditioner. Our day-to-day life is completely dependent upon all these man-made machines. It may have both advantages and disadvantages but man-made machines don’t replace the natural air conditioner. It’s true, trees are like nature’s air conditioner. Planting and preserving forests in the tropics are more likely to slow down global warming. Forest absorb the greenhouse gas carbon- dioxide from the atmosphere and helps keep the planet cool. Forest evaporates water into the atmosphere and increases cloudiness. So, which helps us to keep cool without an air conditioner.

How trees or forests cool our cities and surroundings?.

1.Trees give shades.

Nothing is comparable with this beautiful and valuable forest. Generally, trees can help provide cooling by providing shade and through a process known as evapotranspiration. Trees provide most of their cooling effect by shading. Trees can also cool down the concrete buildings. They provide shade to prevent solar radiation from penetrating windows or heating up external walls. In this increasing global warming condition, we need to plant more and more trees and forests to get shade from trees to cool down the terraced houses, apartment blocks where people live.

2.Trees beat the heat.

Evapotranspiration occurs when the sun’s rays hit the tree’s canopy causing water to evaporate from leaves. So, this cools them down. Trees cool the cities through the process of transpiration in which water is absorbed through the roots and pushed into the air tiny pores in leaves. Because trees can transpire significant volumes of water; a mature tree can transpire up to 150 liters per day. Trees also cool the air by a process known as ‘transpiration cooling‘. As trees release water into the atmosphere from their leaves via transpiration, the surrounding air is cooled as water goes from liquid to vapor. The process is similar to evaporation pads used to cool greenhouses — except in trees, water moves into the tree’s roots from the soil and travels through the tree’s water-conducting system, eventually being transpired from the leaves.

3.Trees can reduce the temperature.

Plants and trees not only improve the air quality but also lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the temperature of their surrounding environment day and night. Forest or trees cool the soil directly by minimizing moisture loss from the surface. More and more plants will protect the soil surface from the sun’s heat and reduce moisture loss.

4.Trees can function as a natural recycling machine.

When the leaf falls down from the surface of the tree takes in moisture from the air and heat from the sun to make food. This process is called “photosynthesis“. So, this improved air quality around the home, apartment, concrete buildings acts as a natural air conditioner.

Is the air conditioner good for health?

People have been using the air conditioners for so many years, it’s an integral part of our modern comfortable life. It is said that to make the environment even hotter due to its contribution to global warming by releasing poisonous gases into the environment, these gases include chlorofluorocarbons and hydrochlorofluorocarbons both gases negative impact on the environment. It consumes so much electricity and therefore releases pollution, when fossil fuel is burned, carbon dioxide is released into the air. One of the studies states that due to the use of air conditioners worsening asthma problems, allergies are two health issues that can stem from contaminated AC units. Continuous exposer to AC can trigger a headache in people, dehydration, dry eyes, respiratory problems, dry skin, and other hazards.


From the very beginning, humans had a mutual relationship with the natural world. We have been facing a lot of environmental hazardous problems but on the other hand, we have a solution itself in this beautiful Nature. God nourishes us with his loving presence is through the beauty of nature. The rise of technology and science may have distanced us superficiality from nature, it not changed our reliance on the natural world. What we are today facing the problems these are all the outcomes of man’s stay away from nature. The natural world regulates the earth’s climate, ecosystem, biodiversity. Before the new advanced air conditioner system comes to market we need to conserve the trees and forest in order to survive all animal beings. Changes in global temperatures may cause different problems, every problem has a solution. If we cover more and more trees we can get away with all these natural problems like global warming. Let’s move on to Nature.

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